Shanxi: prohibit management personnel appraisal is senior title!Teacher: Hope the principal no longer random

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Recently, Shanxi issued a notice on the promotion of senior officials, requiring school leaders not to be involved in the work of senior officials.Who is the school superintendent?President, vice dean, dean of teaching Affairs, minister of obstetrics and gynecology, female staff representatives, no wonder they see this list, can’t wait to see!The principal, the director, and how many teachers are there?When he saw a top teacher, he shouted, “Something important!”Why is it so difficult for frontline teachers to reach middle and high level?Because many colleges have an unwritten rule: “Captain first!”Number one, as for the assignment, that is number one, after all, it is determined from various angles.All kinds of great performances!Even the performance-based compensation is far behind the front-line teachers!It’s hard for teachers to get a piece of the pie!As soon as shansi’s policy came out, it was clear that meat was no longer allowed to be touched, and that their teachers were meat eaters too!Out of the way, captain!Cool!What kind of boss is that?Jiangsu has four school leaders, in the process of promotion to the deputy high school, cheating: they did not go to class, said they went, but also forged textbooks, forged the timetable!Was caught!But now, his deputy high certificate has been given to waste!The fat is gone!What a disgrace!What a force to boast through a crevice in the doorway!This should serve as a good warning to current managers, especially to school leaders.According to the above requirements, anyone who has reached the deputy high level, must go to the lecture!The dean felt that he was too busy, plus a variety of improper relationships, everything to do, before there were many deans, in order to improve their status, deliberately cheating, the result was found by the class teacher!All your work is gone! All your work is gone!Shanxi administrative director must go to school this method is simply just right, all of a sudden restrain several leaders of the misfeasance!School leaders always have good things to do, can not work hard for their own interests!Limited number of documents!For a front-line teacher, it is the road to happiness!From now on, there will be no competition between frontline teachers and other teachers with principals!This will depend on the strength of the teachers!This is a good time to speak with strength!Our university is also like this: the previous teachers are superior to respect, especially in the exam performance, obtained a certificate of honor, there will be excellent results every year, and a certificate of honor!A front-line teacher, to get excellent results, but this is once in a decade!You can’t even be a great person in your life!County diploma, is a piece of paper!Because the boss takes turns!But now our tutor is awake and our principal is not in class.”He’s already deputy high!If anyone is unconvinced, go and complain.The teaching director, was fired, this year, his courses more and more, every day to go to class, a free began to do homework!Tell the dean: Resign as dean!Full of positive power!Why is there such a document?First, the school usurped the senior positions of front-line teachers, which greatly damaged their enthusiasm for work!If we don’t stop it, it will overflow!This is a disservice to frontline teachers!As a result, front-line teachers are unable to devote themselves to teaching, leaving teachers with only promotions to worry about!Yao Yanyan is a teacher in Jiaozuo, Henan province.Second, the school leadership cadres promoted to a higher level, not worthy of the name, mouth!High is a profession, can’t be a teacher, also can’t be a manager!Or his professional skills?The painting style is wrong!A manager is a manager!It has nothing to do with the senior teacher!Therefore, with this rule, it is impossible for the school to take more things!To be an assistant dean, you have to listen to lectures, and you have to have regular teaching hours. Our teachers have to listen to three lectures a week, and the dean has to give five lectures, and the content has to be authentic.Third, this way encourages more cadres to attend lectures and is closer to reality.Even a marshal can go in front with a spear!You can’t be a general without a gun and a battlefield!This is simply impossible!Some school leaders were persuasive: “Can a general go to war?”These teachers are silent, do we want them to go to the front line?If you don’t go to the front line, if you don’t go to school, you can’t become a senior official position!If you want to advance, go to the lecture!Or resign and let competent and competent employees do the work!What can I do?First, the same should be true for deputy senior positions.Many areas have issued relevant rules and regulations: must go to school, must go to the front line, can’t go to the front line, or it is a veto.Must undertake omni-directional promotion to this kind of archives, cannot have archives, want secret!The second is to separate the management stations and technical stations outside the school and let them do it by themselves!The principal and other administrative positions of the school are based on a hierarchical system.Don’t get involved with the front-line teachers.Managers fear nothing more than getting involved with a teacher. If the teacher finds out, their position will be ruined.Nothing!Split up! It’s better for both of us!Third, we should report cheating in a comprehensive and open way!Below the circumstance that does not attend educational administration work, undertake high-level assessment!Jiangsu four school leadership is punishment, because they have a clear channel, with reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with the reporting channels, with reporting platform, with this, you can directly expelled from their senior position!Cool!A teacher’s job is in the front line of teaching, but in the front line of management.A senior position, actually a professor, has nothing to do with administration!To be a leader, you have to play by the rules!If you feel your management skills are not good enough, resign as president, settle down and move on to higher positions.If you don’t feel good about teaching, quit teaching and take an administrative job.Both are what you get!I can’t touch either!There must be sacrifice!No pain, no gain!To do otherwise is to humiliate oneself!