The phenomenon and solution of bad painting

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Painting is not good is a very troublesome thing, there are a lot of technical content.The main reason is: like: flow hanging dilute excessive initial coating is too thick, rough surface, unclean, complex shape or with oil.The spout is too large and close to the surface.Improper painting speed.Solution: Reduce dilution.Multiple coating to avoid one coating too thick.Surface treatment of articles.Diameter 1.5-2.8 mm is appropriate.According to the slurry viscosity, grasp the spray speed.Like: cracking vulcanizing agent dosage is too large, improper collocation.Coating is too thick, the surface is dry, the inner layer is not dry.The underside is not clean, not well handled, stop after grinding.Bottom paint match.Solution: Paint mixing is not sufficient, paint film color is not deep.Mix and stir well as desired.Each film should not be too thick.For substrate processing, respraying time should not be long.Match with bottom and top paint.Color paint is thoroughly stirred before application.Like: too much or too little orange peel hardener.The proportion of diluent is unreasonable.Spray pressure is too high or the nozzle is too close to the surface.The building is too hot or too cold.Solution: Add the right curing agent.The control pressure of dilution ratio is not too large, and the distance is not easy to be too close.Pay attention to construction temperature.Like: too much addition of pinhole construction clay, curing agent is too large.The building ambient temperature is too high.The spraying pressure is too large and the interval time between layers is insufficient.The nozzle pressure is too large, the diameter is too small, and the surface is too close.Solution: Paint mixing, the time is too short.Adjust the viscosity, grasp the ratio of paint.When summer temperature is high, can reduce curing agent, add thinner.Paint twice, the surface is dry and then coated.Choose the appropriate aperture, spray distance should not exceed 4kg/cm, spray distance should not exceed 625px.Mix well and let stand.Filtration of 10-20 minutes.Appearance: bubble object moisture content is large, high temperature.The air compressor or pipeline is damp.Poor surface sealing of putty.After adding curing agent, the storage time is shorter.Solution: Dry skin, no sun exposure.Use oil-water separator for separation.Choose a good putty.Put in 10-20 minutes, spray in two times, reapply after the table is dry.Phenomenon: local loss of light.Too thin dry, paint film too thick.Diluents are not used.The foundation is uneven.The building environment temperature is too low and the humidity is too high.Solution: Master the film thickness, according to the correct proportion.Increase dilution rate in summer.Level the base surface and polish the primer.To ensure that the construction site temperature and humidity meet the requirements, the establishment of constant temperature and humidity spray room is one of the solutions.