Trudeau caught in the actBesides him, these American politicians are also “typical”.

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“Which one is telling the truth?”On February 17, A tweet by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian attracted much attention.The tweet was accompanied by a photo from the English-language global Times, which quoted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making contrasting remarks about the trucker protests in Canada and the violence in Hong Kong.”Trudeau is already a double standard,” some people commented.As a matter of fact, not only he, but also politicians and media in some countries are using double standards.”Which one is telling the truth?”Protests by Canadian truck drivers have spread across the country.The protesters, angry at the Trudeau government’s mandatory vaccination order, blocked residential streets with trucks and used large vehicles to block the Ambassador Bridge, one of the busiest trade routes in North America.On February 14, Trudeau held a press conference to announce the federal government’s decision to invoke the emergency law to deal with the ongoing protests and the blockade.Canada passed the emergency law in 1988, but has never used it.This act provides for the government to take various actions in the event of a serious and critical threat to some aspect of Canadian life that cannot be effectively addressed by existing laws.Canadian police began sweeping truck arrests and armed clearances Friday in Ottawa, hoping to put an end to three weeks of peaceful anti-government protests.Against this backdrop, Zhao lijian’s tweet struck a chord with netizens.In this picture, the two halves are in sharp contrast.On the left is Trudeau on Canadian truck drivers blocking streets: “They have no right to interfere with the economy, democracy or People’s Daily lives.This has to stop.”On the right, the Canadian prime minister on the rioters blocking the streets of Hong Kong, China: “We want to speak loudly and clearly in support of human rights around the world.””Which Trudeau is telling the truth?””Pompeo, I just want to ask, does your face hurt?”In fact, Trudeau is not the only one who has double standards.In January 2021, the People’s Daily app illustrated former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “double standard” in the article “World Witness”.Supporters of Donald Trump hold a massive demonstration against The election of Joe Biden in Washington, DC, the United States, On January 6, 2021.Near Capitol Hill, the demonstrators tried to break through metal fences, while others broke through Windows and clashed with police inside the Capitol.During the clashes, a Capitol police officer was hit in the head by demonstrators with a fire extinguisher and was hospitalized.Five people, including one Capitol police officer, were killed and about 140 law enforcement officers were injured in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, the report said.The US presidential election, the scene of the last certification process, has become the battleground of the “final fight”.Pompeo was quick to take to social media, denouncing the protesters’ storming of the U.S. Capitol as “unacceptable.””What happened today on Capitol Hill is unacceptable,” he said.Lawlessness and riots, riots are always unacceptable, here and around the world.””Violence, putting the safety of others at risk, will not be tolerated at home or abroad,” he said.He also vowed that “criminals” involved in the unrest would be brought to justice immediately.But what did the former US secretary of state say about the violent storming of Hong Kong’s legislative council?In 2019, he declared publicly that the protests in Hong Kong were appropriate.In 2019, violent extremists in Hong Kong, China, stormed the Legislative Council building of the SPECIAL Administrative Region, damaged the glass exterior walls of the building with iron bars and metal trucks, obstructed public transportation, attacked police officers with toxic chemical powder, beat and even bit off their fingers, causing serious consequences.However, Pompeo also told the Economic Club of Washington about the situation in Hong Kong that protests are legitimate and are common in the United States.”Pompeo, I just want to ask, does your face hurt?”Not only American politicians, but also some American media are “double standard”.They used words such as “thugs”, “extremists” and “thugs” to describe the protesters in the Capitol riot, but used “beautiful scenery” to describe the violent protesters in Hong Kong and glorified them as “heroes of democracy”.There are many such “American double standards”.As a matter of fact, as the People’s Daily commentary put it, “looking at problems with double standards will only leave a laughing stock, and will not win the trust of others or the international community.It is time for some POLITICIANS in the US to drop the ‘double standard’ and stop being obsessed with interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and do their own thing well.”More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not 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