Vacuum cleaner besides Dyson which good?Do domestic brands work?

2022-07-28 0 By

With more and more consumers begin to try to choose a few small home appliance to use to improve their life happiness, wireless vacuum cleaner is gradually entered innumberable families, compared to the traditional broom, dustpan wireless vacuum cleaner itself on the clean depth and the cleaning efficiency has a very obvious ascension, and this is especially important in our daily life,After all, no one likes to come home tired and clean up after a long day at work, and a wireless vacuum cleaner can be used for almost any occasion in the home.But for some consumers who have not used a vacuum cleaner and want to experience a vacuum cleaner, when searching some “what vacuum cleaner is good?”, “vacuum cleaner recommended” entry, but can always see the name Dyson, and when to the major e-commerce platform after searching, can not avoid the price of five to six thousand yuan some surprise.With such a high price tag, what vacuum cleaner can be recommended when the budget is really not enough?Does the vacuum cleaner itself have a good brand besides Dyson?In fact, as domestic brands gradually break through the technological barriers and have their own research on brushless motors, many domestic brands of vacuum cleaners do have very strong cost performance and good product strength.Compared with foreign brands, domestic brands do not have high tariffs, nor do they have too much brand premium. At present, when the domestic “roll-in” is gradually flattened, the feedback on consumers is actually more cost-effective products.For example, the finger housekeeper can sterilize and kill two birds with one stone. Its product is equipped with Violeds elimination module, which can kill two birds with one stone while vacuuming.For example, it has a strong expressive force in suction. The 210AW super suction brought by the 160,000-rpm brushless motor is almost the strongest among domestic brands.Midea has won awards in design, many of its products have excellent design and use experience, cost-effective and after-sales performance is also very good…More and more domestic brands in many capabilities have gradually approached the big foreign vacuum cleaners, and even in some aspects can be surpassed, in this case, domestic brands is a very good choice.