0 to 5!5-1!Chinese players have mixed feelings, one was swept out regrettably, one advanced to the quarterfinals

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On January 28, Beijing time, the 2022 German Masters 1/16 final, Chinese players have both joy and sorrow, young zhao Xintong 5-1 swept Forde to advance to the quarterfinals;This is the second time that Zhao has reached the last eight of an international tournament after the UK championships. Now, zhao is in hot form and is bound to go further.However, it is a pity that another Chinese player Zhou Yuelong lost 5-0 to Trump and missed out on the quarterfinals. It is difficult to have a chance against the world No. 3 Zhou Yuelong.At the same time, the final eight players are Karen Wilson, Walton and other world-renowned players.Zhao xintong played very well in the German Masters, beating veteran Mark Williams 5-3 in the first round to win the opening match. Then in the second round, Zhao xintong was hot, the first game of the single shot 102 points to beat her opponent.But Ford is not a vegetarian, in zhao Xintong firepower under the pressure still back to a 1-1 draw.Zhao didn’t give Forde another chance, winning four games in a row to finish the match, and then swept forde 5-1 in the second round to advance to the last eight.Compared with zhao xintong strong, another Chinese player Zhou Yuelong was not so lucky, his second round opponent is the world No. 3 Donald;Objectively speaking, there is a certain gap between the two sides, so Zhou Yuelong did not get cheap in the game, the audience Trumpu always occupy the initiative.Zhou soon fell to the ground and was swept out of the last eight by his opponent 5-0.In other matches, Karen Wilson beat Stetman 5-4 and Walton beat Luca Brecel 5-2.Since then, there have been four spots in the top eight, namely Zhao Xintong, Trump, Wilson and Walton.It is worth mentioning, this is zhao heart child scored again after winning the kam game 8 strong international competition, compared the first two games, he has steadily improve, competitive state also unprecedented good, zhao tong heart as if now recovered when the brocade match champion, is the trend of the personal career won the champions league.In the next round of quarterfinals, Chiu shin-tong VS Trump, Wilson VS Walton;Looking forward to zhao xintong’s wonderful performance!