$20 billion is not negotiable?Huawei announced its decision, Ren Zhengfei: Peace is fought out

2022-07-29 0 By

Huawei’s strong rise in 5G has caught the US off guard. When American companies lose their dominance in the communications market, the US effectively loses the convenience of using its own equipment to spy on other countries’ secrets.In order to regain its market dominance, the United States claimed that Huawei’s communication equipment technology was unsafe, and incited its Allies to isolate Huawei through its own influence, in a vain attempt to curb huawei’s global popularization of 5G.Under the intervention of the United States, Huawei suffered an unprecedented failure in the European market, which has been deeply cultivated for many years.Britain, Australia and other “followers” have responded, citing “bogus” reasons to exclude Huawei from the supplier competition list, but also further removed the original Huawei equipment.However, the most infuriating is Sweden. As a neutral country, Sweden did not adhere to its principles of fairness and openness in the case of Huawei 5G, and rejected Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese companies without any evidence.In the face of Huawei’s appeal of “unfair, unacceptable and forgetting to re-evaluate”, Sweden’s Communications Authority turned a deaf ear and acted on its own.But remember, China is no longer a century ago when people bullied, discrimination against Chinese companies must pay a price.Sure enough, the fightback began!Huawei recently announced that it has sued Sweden for $3.2 billion in damages for violating relevant fair trade rules.Clearly, Huawei is serious this time, no longer tolerate!After all, when Sweden unreasonably banned Huawei 5G, the amount of huawei’s claim was only $600 million.In other words, Huawei is not trying to fight each other, but to put pressure on the other side to follow trade principles and give Chinese companies a level playing field.Unfortunately, our sincerity has not earned the respect it deserves.It is for this reason that Huawei’s attitude this time is very firm.That is to say, if Sweden insists on looking at Chinese enterprises through “colored glasses”, then huawei’s 20 billion yuan compensation is out of the question!The good news is that Huawei’s strong “counter-attack” has worked. It is reported that some Swedish experts are willing to restart negotiations and solve the problem through communication.The compromise of the other side, the reason is very simple, because even if Sweden is not adopted local huawei 5 g devices, but also unable to bypass the huawei technology patents, forcing nasty, huawei can not completely patent authorization, then Sweden local communication construction development will be a delay, or even completely left behind in the global competition of 5 g, it’s clearly a Swedish unacceptable.Of course, the compensation of 20 billion yuan is not the ultimate goal of Huawei, Huawei’s goal is to promote Chinese communication technology to every corner of the world, so that everyone understands that Chinese enterprises are not easy to bully.That is why Huawei wants to see Sweden loosen its grip.A case in point is the patent dispute between Huawei and Verizon, an American telecommunications carrier. Huawei sued Verizon for patent infringement and claimed $1 billion in damages. Finally, the American company compromised and took the initiative to seek a settlement with Huawei, which came to an end.Now Huawei is suing Sweden for the same reason.Now it seems that Ren zhengfei was right: peace is fought out.At the founding of huawei Corps conference, Ren Zhengfei made a public statement: “I believe peace is fought out. We will make arduous struggle and heroic sacrifice in exchange for a peaceful environment for 30 years, so that no one will dare to bully us and lay down their lives for the country.As the world’s most advanced 5G enterprise, Huawei not only has the best technical equipment, but also has the largest number of patents, which can not be bypassed in 5G construction in any region.Although we hope for fair trade and cooperative development, this does not mean that we will make concessions again and again. If these overseas regions and enterprises continue to target Chinese enterprises without any bottom line, there is only one word we can do: “Fight”.