From 2-2 to 2-1!Chelsea refused to pull off a Manchester United-style comeback and Kay was the saviour at the final whistle

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Beijing time late February 5, 2022, the fa cup fourth round ushered in the a great battle, Chelsea at Stamford bridge in the league one side Plymouth, challenges, and eventually they also rely on az leather quetta and Max – alonso’s two goals in overtime hard beat Plymouth, passage to the next round.As a traditional competition in English football, the FA Cup has always been valued by the big teams.However, this season’s FA Cup has been a series of upsets, with Arsenal losing to Nottingham Forest in the third round and Manchester United losing to Middlesbrough on penalties, and league One teams having performed more than their fair share of miracles in the competition.Because of this, even though Plymouth were seventh in league One and in their own stadium, Chelsea did not take any chances, fielded all the first team, including Munter, jose inho and a number of players have not been rested.As it turns out, Tuchel was right on the money.Plymouth were no match for the Big6 side, making Chelsea’s movement difficult with a cohesive defence and almost flawless set-piece defence.In the early stages of the game, they exploited a well-planned set-piece strategy to take advantage of Kepa’s weakness in attacking ability to score early.However, they did not give up hope after conceding Chelsea’s first goal in extra time. Instead, they were inspired and repeatedly threatened to give Chelsea a scare in front of the goal.However, It was kaipa’s bravery that prevented Plymouth from taking the game to penalties and a late miss made their defeat all the more tragic.At the end of the game, the Chelsea fans also did not hold back their applause, to Plymouth such a dare to send their own praise.Chelsea, too, were very good, with Tuchel playing his usual back four and it was their two full-backs who scored the winning points.In both cases, Chelsea’s approach was very simple, using the attacking power of the wings in a 4-3-3 system to score with two deep crosses.Of course, they had a lot to improve on in this game.First of all, rely on the full-backs goal means they midfield position performance is not satisfied, especially luca, he also only in front can get the opportunity to through the long ball in the backcourt, he’s very hard to find the right shot opportunities in mobile warfare, harvard, and Werner, too, the game three of them wasted so many opportunities.Secondly, Chelsea’s set-piece attack was not very good, even though Plymouth had targeted it, but given their height advantage and strength, they should have relied on set-pieces to break the deadlock.Both were also evident in the number of shots on goal, which caused tuchel a headache as they managed just two goals from 41 attempts.Chelsea, however, will have the last laugh and will be able to play the rest of the tournament before they have a chance to adjust.With Chilwell and James back, they can only be better on the wings, and perhaps that will carry over into the rest of their games, while the 4-3-3 has been added to tuchel’s latest tactical back-up, which is a good thing.