How is COLMO refrigerator? I saw the offline store in the mall, which is quite advanced. Do you know anything about it?

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COLMO refrigerator focuses on AI technology home appliances, targeting the elite group with certain consumption ability. It has developed rapidly in the past two years and is known as the “Hermes of refrigerators”, which seems to be synonymous with high-end home appliances.In terms of appearance, COLMO refrigerator is full of high-level simple design style, which is a piece of art when placed at home.In terms of functions, COLMO refrigerator is also a leader in the home appliance industry. Launched at the end of last year, The COLMO AVANT AI nutrition refrigerator · Geek refrigerator (hereinafter referred to as AVANT refrigerator) has upgraded the function of refrigerator from preservation to a higher level of nutrition.AVANT refrigerator not only has the first-grade preservation effect, but also greatly improves the nutrition we take in food materials. Its AI purine suppression technology can effectively reduce the purine content in seafood and aquatic products and reduce the hidden danger of gout.VC+ active lock raising technology can make fruit and vegetable ingredients VC retention rate of more than 81% of the international advanced level, through daily diet can achieve the effect of supplementVC, improve the skin state, this is really too friendly to women!COLMO refrigerator, I believe you have the answer.