Jin Hyun-zheng “please! Don’t spoil me” the second season of hot abdomen black lengmeng emperor lemon essence attached to detonate laugh

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On January 24, the second season of the short drama “Please! Don’t spoil me”, which hit Tencent video “Very Theater”, aroused hot discussion again.Directed by Li Hongyu and led by Jin Xianzheng, the drama tells the story of online novel writer Yan Yi (Zhang Souyi) who enters his own story and begins a thrilling and hilarious journey with The dark Emperor Qin Yu, played by Jin Xianzheng.It is worth mentioning that “Please! Don’t spoil me” each episode only 6 minutes, but in the light humor of the plot, a small climax is constantly piled up, let a person can’t stop.By the end of the first season of “Please! Don’t spoil me”, many viewers were urging the drama to improve, and Kim Hyun-jung’s role as the dark and proud emperor qin Yu won them over with her dazzling sense of “cute”.Gao Leng Emperor vinegar essence pursuit of “first love” details control achievement sour and sweet love drama, Jin Xianzheng acted the role of qin Royal young succession, is a will all the energy into the state of the indifferent son of heaven, for men and women is ignored, until he met behavior is very strange Yan one.In order to win yan one attention and love, Qin Royal attention launched a variety of offensive, also exposed his “abdomen black lemon essence” attributes, causing the audience laugh constantly.Two actors performed competently in the play, especially Kim hyun jung’s qin imperial, abdomen black is buried under the appearance of a hot heart, though very awkward and clumsy when express love, but he sincerely for love is visible to the naked eye, for the drunk, jealous and other small details, Kim hyun jung processing interesting, neither too hard, and I can make people to accept it, can not help but laugh at the same time, also let a person very look forward to the two protagonists between the funny and loving love story.”Please, Don’t Spoil Me” is the first time that Kim Hyun-jeong plays a male role in a period drama. The hard-looking Kim, who graduated from a training program, has been widely acclaimed for his challenging role as Emperor Qin Yu, which shows how well He can control and shape the role.Excellent appearance conditions, as well as the temperament of yuppie and literature, make his portrayal of the role very three-dimensional — serious very imperial, funny and no burden.Immerse role central subway drama life Faith to meet the future more challenges for acting, Kim hyun jung always insist with “empathy”, feel each role on five Chen miscellaneous sensitized, serious interpretation characters suantiankula life experiences, continuously fused with his role, so to offer you give a vivid, three-dimensional full qin imperial.Can out of a belong to their own path in the show business, often require years of persistence and courage of various roles and these, Kim hyun jung do not lack, he likes to challenge themselves and also cherish every opportunity, more expect to use more different roles to show his love for actors this career to pursue, for acting, Kim hyun jung think: insist teeth,It’s a cool thing.Kim Hyun-jeong received a lot of support and love for his excellent performance in Please don’t Spoil Me, and people began to pay more and more attention to this handsome and sunny actor.In the future, Jin Hyun will play the role of Tang Chenchen in Go Programmer as one of the two male protagonists.Kim hyun-jeong is expected to make a breakthrough in modeling and acting in an urban drama that depicts an aspiring programmer realizing his dream.In addition, Kim Hyun-jung will continue to contribute to the audience in the third season of Please, Don’t Spoil Me, Secretly Like You, Babel and many other excellent works. Let’s wait and see what kind of surprises will come from her changeable roles.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn