Become low-key, the national football team has checked into high-end hotels, thousands of yuan a day?Fans ridicule: or expensive

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Since the loss to Vietnam, the Chinese team has not been seen in public, leaving fans to take updates from the media.Shortly after the end of the match on that day, the National football team rushed back home, some players had already come back, and checked into the hotel.There are also some players did not come back, such as Wu Lei did not return to Spain, but returned to Spain, and has put on the training clothes, participated in the training.The rest of the players who have come back will have closed training and continue to prepare for the game. There seems to be no intention of a holiday.Although the national football team has failed to qualify for the next World Cup, it is still preparing for the next tournament.The National football team came back quickly this time. After finishing the competition on the first day of the Chinese New Year, they had already checked into the domestic hotel in the third day of the junior year.According to reports, after arriving at the airport and completing a series of epidemic prevention tests, the national football team was transferred to taimei Xianggu Hotel in Suzhou as soon as possible.This is a high-end hotel with a lot of facilities, not only a beautiful environment, but also a training ground, where the National football team can be isolated while training, both at the same time.And the price of this upscale hotel is relatively close to the people, from the results of online query, there are hundreds of pieces, there are thousands of pieces.The cheapest is about 600 yuan, also have a day thousands of yuan, thousands of yuan is the basic suite.Do not know what kind of room the national football team checked in?Anyway, the price is still normal, after all, including the training ground and so on, the price is reasonable.And compared with the national football team in the past, in fact, it has become a lot of simple!Now the national football team has become a lot of low-key, this time back is also silent back, even can not find the photo of the return, it is estimated that no one went to the airport to meet the plane?However, when the national football team checked into the hotel, the fans still made fun of it. Some fans said: “It is still too expensive” and “isn’t there 89 guest houses for one night?””, “The treatment is world-class, the record is amateur level”, “there is nothing to practice, we know we can’t win”, “this is closed training why?”It is reported that the national football team will not disband in the future, but will hold closed training in situ and continue to prepare for the next stage of the competition.China is out of the World Cup, but there are still two matches left in the round of 12, with Saudi Arabia and Oman to play. How will China finish?Next is the familiar link, this time is to the “battle of honor”, I hope the National football team still strive to play every game!Against Saudi Arabia and Oman, China needs to try to win and at least give its fans hope.Though out of the tournament, China still needs to take it seriously, hopefully not badly.And the national football team last two games, do not know whether naturalized players again on the field?If there is no naturalized players, what kind of performance will the National football Team play?These are all worthy of fans’ attention.From the current situation, the coach Li Xiaopeng has not dismissed the crisis, it seems that will not resign.Although there is news that Kim jong-fu is the candidate for the coach of the National football Team, but it is only news for the time being, whether Li Xiaopeng is dismissed, I am afraid that will wait until the end of the 12th round to know?