Civilized Spring Festival proposal

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The Civilization of the Spring Festival initiative tiger roar forge ahead to welcome the new Spring Festival, civilization into the new wind.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2022, in order to further promote the traditional Chinese virtues, establish a new wind of harmonious civilization, and guide the people of the city to have a civilized and fresh, happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the municipal Civilization Office issued the following proposals to the general public: Civilized and healthy Spring Festival.Promote traditional Spring Festival folk customs such as pasting couplets and cutting paper-cuts, and encourage mass participation in “Our Festival” and other themed activities held by communities (communities).Pay close attention to official announcements and notices, actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and adhere to the hygiene habits of wearing masks, frequent disinfection, frequent hand-washing, using chopsticks, and one-meter noodles.Green Spring Festival.We advocated “opposing waste and advocating conservation”, and promoted changing customs. We advocated new arrangements for weddings, simple arrangements for funerals and no other arrangements.Advocating civilized sacrifice, online sacrifice.Advocate through wechat, video, telephone to family, friends and relatives greetings blessing.We encourage green travel, consciously abide by the regulations on fireworks and firecrackers, categorize household garbage, and effectively protect the ecological environment.Have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Enhance safety awareness and reduce unnecessary travel.Pay attention to fire prevention, explosion prevention, theft and fraud at home.Practice traffic civilization, comity zebra crossing, no red light running, no drunk driving, no fatigue driving, no overmanned overload, no window throwing.Public places waiting for service orderly queue, no fight, not crowded, do civilized zhuzhou people.Warm heart mutual help over the Spring Festival.Pay attention to family, private education, family tradition, advocate neighborhood mutual help.Carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, adhere to the principle of convenience, actively participate in the new era of civilized practice volunteer service activities, such as helping the elderly and the weak, benefiting the people, epidemic prevention and publicity.Advocate participating in network civilization communication activities, using Weibo, wechat, etc., to expose the “Spring Festival in civilization”, spread network positive energy, and jointly create a warm festival atmosphere.Dear friends, let us take practical actions to make the Spring Festival more festive, more civilized and more energetic.I wish the whole city a happy Spring Festival, good health, family happiness and good luck in everything!Zhuzhou Civilization Office January 24, 2022 editor/Xiao ‘an contributed email: News hotline: 17352733309 (Wu reporter), 15907333036 (Shu reporter) statement: share to respect the original, reproduced please indicate the source, the author.If there is infringement, please contact “Zhuzhou release” to delete.