Cost nearly ten million to purchase the production line, the opening rate is less than 10%, and finally had to deal with the low price

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Now what I regret most is that enterprises blindly expand production when they are making profits.Finally, the industry is depressed, resulting in a lot of idle equipment.General Song is mainly for steel structure industry supporting processing, with some connections, he jumped out of the previous company;It only takes five years to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.Song’s business was doing well in the past few years, and they bought a lot of equipment every year. In terms of the automation of equipment, their factory should be in the front.When I visited Mr. Song’s factory this time, I found several pieces of equipment in their workshop covered with dust and stacked in a corner.Later, it was learned that song spent nearly ten million to purchase the production line, the opening rate is less than 10%;Although hardly used, the system is outdated and unsuitable for today’s development.There was no quality problem with these equipment. At that time, Song always talked about project cooperation with a company and did supporting production for this company.The result forefoot equipment just landed, the other side of the company because of poor management announced bankruptcy;The end result is lost orders and idle equipment.This has a great impact on Song, but also let him start to shrink the scale of his business, he began to lease out part of the idle plant to reduce production costs.And song before the purchase of the nearly ten million production line is chosen to dispose of the low price, in the words of Song: the opening of the factory must not be blind, the market is good to estimate the risk, can not blindly investment;Otherwise, the final impact on the enterprise is very large.In fact, there are a lot of this situation around me, like our laser cutting industry, the whole market in the first half of last year is very hot, so there are many manufacturers began to expand production scale, buy land to build factories.But since the second half of last year, the whole market has tightened, resulting in many manufacturers can not send out goods;In the face of gradually lower market prices, continuously soaring rental costs, misjudgment of the market situation, many manufacturers are not small impact.In general, at any time do not blindly, rational treatment of the market, to reduce losses and stable development.- Follow me to unlock more new knowledge