Hangzhou Fuyang district transmission chain has been associated with 31 people yesterday from the implementation of traffic control

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This round of epidemic has been linked to a transmission chain of 31 people in Fuyang District of Hangzhou. Since yesterday (January 31), Fuyang District has implemented traffic control, and the fuyang section of subway Line 6 has been suspended. Fuyang District has sent a letter to all citizens to stay at home quietly and have a peaceful Spring Festival.In order to effectively contain the spread of the epidemic and resolutely block the route of transmission of COVID-19, traffic control has been implemented on expressways, national and provincial roads, county, township and village roads, rail transit and waterways within the administrative area of Fuyang District, with only entry and exit for people and vehicles.The third large-scale nucleic acid test was conducted in the relevant area of Fuchun Street, Fuyang District.A total of 69 centralized detection points were set up in 20 communities. On site, the division of workers was clear, and registration and sampling were carried out in an orderly manner.Residents said: “Very soon, very soon, no waiting, the doctor is too hard, we are very grateful from the heart.”Hangzhou uptown peng port street deptford home village, strictly implement the controls on January 26, delimit the scope of sanqu, integrated community social workers and volunteers, property, such as power, formed a team of more than 140 people and epidemic prevention, peng port street community health service center of gp karanjia in zhejiang university school of medicine, the daughter of reading with him together, formed the nucleic acid testing panel,Door to provide services for the residents of inconvenient activities, half a day busy to survive, two people’s masks are water vapor.Lee Dong-hwa, a community general practitioner, said, “I want her to be a doctor in the future. I want her to feel hard in advance.”In Yingchun Nanyuan community, Binjiang district, Hangzhou, more than 300 epidemic prevention workers delivered supplies and dishes for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner to residents.Chen Weijun, party secretary of Gonglian Community, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, said: “Let them add some New Year’s flavor to their homes. Even though the epidemic is now, we should still have a sense of ceremony.”(Intern Editor: Fan Shiyan)