Jin Rongye (Datong, Shanxi) “Qinyuan Spring: A Tour of Ningxia Sand Lake”

2022-07-30 0 By

Travel ningxia sand Lake author: Jin Rongye (the deceased such as husband) Blue cover clouds, the scene and wind, 10000 ares you LAN.Leaning on the beginning of the flood, gulls singing wetlands, lake light billows, ducks by boat.Green liu Qing, Yellow sand fu shore, Yin and pure Shizuishan.Recall today ancient, go through the beacon smoke huan, jingyun pleasant.Dust rest with safety.Near and far visitors, salty to a indulge.See fish wearing ludang, air hanging beautiful day, sail Yang mast-top, water immersion blue sky.Contact soft wind, swab string song ya, children chasing play shoal.Listen to the laughter, crisp color still broken jade, yichuan move.2022.04.03.