Li Xincao, Lu Jia first “crossover” of folk music, “Spring of Chinese music” grand opening tonight!

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Chordophones play elegant sound, music education youth.In the early spring season, when the breeze is warm and gentle, the first Spring Festival of Chinese music at the National Center for the Performing Arts opens grandly tonight.The collision of ancient and modern, the harmonized sound of eight notes, the sound of organ, flute and drum adds a touch of beauty and romance to this quiet night.At the concert tonight, the conductors Li Xincao, Lu Jia and Liu Sha joined hands with the Central Chinese Orchestra to present some well-known and unique works of ethnic orchestral music, such as Yunshanyan Miao, General’s Order, Twelve Beauties of Yinzhen, Colorful Combination, etc.Among them are both classical classical works and new works commissioned by special commission, as well as musical interpretations of the folk customs of various ethnic groups.And Li Xincao and Lu Jia excellently completed their “debut performance” of the orchestra.The concert was officially opened in yunshan Yan Miao, conducted by Lv Jia.”The clouds are heavy, and the wind is thousands of miles high.Wild goose fly high Xi Miao difficult to find, empty heartbroken Xi Think mute.”Yunshan Yan Miao is based on the development, variation and reconstruction of the theme of Chaozhou zheng song “Eighteen Beats of Hujia”. Under the direction of Lv Jia, the music chords together, reproducing the legacy of Han and Tang grand music and the magnificent and magnificent beauty of Chaozhou music.”This is the first time for me to conduct a folk orchestra. I am both nervous and happy. I have a new challenge and joy to cooperate with folk musicians, especially to interpret colors, lines and rhythms in folk music works.Although I have never conducted a folk orchestra before, I am very concerned about the development of folk music and how to further develop and enhance our national treasures. This is a very important and urgent topic in front of everyone.As a conductor, I have to do my part.The spring of Chinese music held by the National Center for the Performing Arts is a very good artistic brand, which is a very good start for our folk music.”The opening concert of the three-dimensional 禛 beauty figure is composer conductor Liu Sha invited Luo Maishuo a folk music works, inspired by the yongzheng emperor “twelve beauties (concubine)”, the composer ably to twelve picture is divided into four movement, with the aid of the synaesthesia of painting and music, with flowing rhythm will all painting scene string into a whole.Be in Liu Sha to write freely, move freely below the command of flowing water, a picture of qing Dynasty beauty unreal changes notes to emerge at the moment, the audience as if place oneself in the picture, appreciate the elegance of peerless beauty.Liu Sha: “China’s national orchestra has been developing for 100 years, especially in the last 20 years.No matter from the instrument production technology, the level of contemporary performers and orchestras, as well as the creation requirements have improved rapidly.But there has been no platform for mutual exchanges and exchanges, the Spring of Chinese music provides us with a good platform, which is of great significance to the development and popularization of Chinese folk music.”In the second half, conductor Li Xincho, who conducted folk music for the first time, gave the audience the national Wind and The Silk Road.Under the guidance of Li Xincao, the orchestra’s timbals are rich and varied, progressive and well-arranged, which fully interprets the national character and spirit.This is the first time for me to conduct a complete large-scale national orchestral work in Beijing. I feel very honored and grateful to have this opportunity to conduct one of the orchestrators in the opening concert of spring of Chinese Music.Before this, I did a lot of anticipation and preparation, I think eastern and Western music is still connected.My requirements for syntax and musical character in conducting Western music also apply to Chinese folk music.I believe the Spring of Chinese Music at the NATIONAL Center for the Performing Arts will have a great response and will be more and more diverse in the future.”The concert drew to a close in a fiery atmosphere. Amid the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, three conductors came on stage again, each bringing an encore.”Black Horse” conducted by Liu Sha, “Thunder and Lightning Polka” conducted by Lu Jia and “Happy Moon” conducted by Li Xincao together completed tonight’s performance.Opening the folk music festival to promote national culture and inherit the spirit of Traditional Chinese music.Spring of Chinese Music is the first specially planned festival with the theme of ethnic music launched by the National Center for the Performing Arts, which echoes the Spring of Chinese Symphony held by the National Center for the Performing Arts every year, forming a rich array of music theme festivals of the National Center for the Performing Arts.Under the theme of “Chinese style and elegance”, the Spring Festival of Traditional Chinese Music will last for 21 days, inviting various Chinese orchestras to play colorful traditional Chinese music of different styles.More than 30 contemporary Chinese music masters gathered to blend traditional and modern interpretation, showing the artistic inheritance and development of folk music culture.On April 16, The China Radio Chinese Orchestra will bring many famous soloists to perform a number of Chinese music classics premiered by the China Radio Chinese Orchestra and widely known.On The day of grain Rain on April 20, the Beijing Folk Orchestra will sow the hope of spring with music to nourish the earth and the heart.On April 21, at the concert of The Chinese Music School Chinese Orchestra of the China Conservatory of Music, chime bells and organ will play together, presenting the diversified innovation of Chinese music in the form of artistic performance.On April 26, the Chinese Chamber Orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Music will outline the scenery of spring with silk and bamboo, and start the journey of new folk music with light ink.This spring, the spring of Chinese music with you hear Chinese music, know Chinese music, fall in love with Chinese music.Start a journey of traditional Korean music!Copywriter: Siyi Photography: Niu Xiaobei Editor: Gao Jian