New Year to go to the grassroots | cloth on the New Year’s blessing

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The bustle before the Spring Festival makes people nervous and happy.On January 29 (the 27th day of the 12th lunar month), students of “Caimeng” handicraft class, a community university for the elderly, gathered in Zibo High-tech Zone to make cloth dolls.”You collect the cloth head together, we choose lascivious first, and then start to do.”Wanjie road community Party committee deputy secretary Tian Xiaoyan loudly reminded students to start the class.Tian Xiaoyan is the founder and instructor of the community college for the elderly.In her words, this is a personal hobby, learn to sell.At the beginning, in order to enrich the curriculum of the community college for the elderly, she liked handwork and went to Boshan, Linzi and other places to visit the inheritor of cloth art culture and steal teachers to learn art.Through constant research, she finally mastered the experience and successfully completed each piece of work.Happiness should be shared with everyone.She volunteered to become a cloth art handcraft teacher in a community college for the elderly, teaching students the making skills of cloth dolls.On the spot, she gives the student division of labor, a person is responsible for composition of a picture, make a cloth art model, two people are responsible for cutting a model, two people are responsible for stitching the cloth piece, filling pearl cotton, a person is responsible for decorating the cloth art doll that gives shape.What the students did most was cloth tigers of different sizes and colors.It seems simple, but difficult to do.Han Lintao, one of the students, said she has been learning cloth crafts for four months, but the pieces she makes are not delicate enough, either because they are asymmetrical or look a little bad.”Do cloth art manual need hands, eyes, brain, to have a certain art skills and mathematical foundation, otherwise the work is not good.”Tian Xiaoyan said, the first thing to make up the doll’s cloth cut, the size must be accurate, filling pearl cotton, neither shallow, and can not fill, otherwise the doll is not beautiful.After half a day’s effort, each student successfully completed a cloth tiger.Tian Xiaoyan then one by one to decorate the tiger’s features.Soon, only a tiger tiger shengwei, lifelike cloth tiger show in front of the eyes.The craft class also created parrot, carp, hydrangea, elephant, apple, basket and cat based on popular doll pictures on the Internet.Then, the craft class participants put their heads together and asked each of them to name at least two of their works, expressing the meaning of healthy, sunny and positive.”Beaming, thriving, huhu shengwei, light of wisdom, heart to heart, tower of fame, happy home, eight children hold a blessing, full of vitality…”A loud and beautiful name let a piece of cloth art dolls more vibrant.On the afternoon of the same day, the students will make a variety of cloth dolls orderly placed, inviting community residents to visit, correction.Seeing everyone praised the exhibition works repeatedly and took pictures involuntarily, the students couldn’t remember how beautiful they were.Resident representative Meng Fanchang admitted that he check-in wanjie road community for 17 years, this is one of the community of zibo high-tech zone built early, permanent residents in the majority with the elderly, since April 2021 the establishment of community elderly universities, enrich the spare life of the elderly, especially handmade cloth art can let old hand, eye, and brain to get a good exercise, and can edify sentiment,It plays a positive role in building cultural communities.”I hope that by doing this activity, more residents can be attracted to join the manual class, so that the flowers of cultural empowerment can blossom everywhere in the community.”Wanjie road community Party secretary, director of the neighborhood committee Chen Fei said that the future community will often hold this kind of cultural activities, so that everyone in hands-on practice at the same time, further close the relationship between the party and the masses, enhance neighborhood friendship, for Zibo to build “five good city” to contribute a force.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Ma Jingyang, Zhang Pei, correspondent Liu Jiao) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: