On the first day of public service, thousands of students in Daxing School were very happy

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Monday, March 14, was the first day of classes at Beijing Ritan Middle School’s Guiyang branch and Anjing Primary school after students were transferred from daxing School to public school.In order to deeply understand the situation of private school students attending classes in public schools, the reporter followed Lin Xiaofeng, secretary of the Party Committee and director of Yunyan District Education Bureau, to Anjing Primary School and Ritan Middle School, and felt the students who came to the new learning environment closely.”What about students?What about lunch for the kids?How to arrange the teachers who are separated…”When Lin Xiaofeng entered Ritan Middle School, she asked the relevant person in charge of the school to understand the current situation of the teachers and students of the “civilian-to-public”, and asked the school to ensure that the teachers and students of the “civilian-to-public” are happy in their study, secure in their work and stable in mind, so as to let parents and society rest assured.Welcome you, new students “Now hold Beijing Ritan Middle School Guiyang branch flag-raising ceremony this week…”Around 9:30 am, facing the rising sun, on the playground of Ritan Middle School, all the teachers and students were holding the flag-raising ceremony every Monday as usual.At this moment, the playground welcomed more than 300 new faces, and they lined up with the teachers and students of Ritan Middle School for the flag-raising ceremony.Two days ago, they were “da Xing Sheng”, today, they are “Ritan students”.Previously, due to the school space, harahara Tataroi School students often used the Playground of Ritan Middle School for sports lessons. For Harahara Tataroi school students, their relationship with Ritan Middle School goes from being “familiar strangers” to being part of ritan Middle School.In waves of warm applause and smiling faces, all the teachers and students of Ritan Middle School welcomed the new students to join the ritan family.At the same time, in the neighboring Anjing Primary School, all the teachers and students decorated the campus with colorful balloons and lively slogans, hoping that through this sense of ceremony, more than 800 new students could reduce their embarrassment brought by the new environment and let them feel the warmth of Anjing.Around ten o ‘clock in the morning, it was class time in Ritan Middle School. Lin Xiaofeng and her party came to the door of the classroom to visit the children in class.Dressed in neat school uniforms, the children sat in the bright, spacious classroom for their first information technology lesson.According to reports, due to the original school site equipment is not up to standard, yuan Daxing school students have never attended information technology class, there is no relevant teachers, so this class is the first information technology class for them by ritan middle school teachers.At the same time, in anjing Elementary school, the sun shines through the Windows of the classroom, and two students sit at desks with each other. The teacher walks in the aisles and interacts with the students.A few days ago, hara’s children were crammed into classrooms that barely made room for a single aisle, with four students on each side of each row, each with desks big enough for just one textbook.Environment has an important impact on children’s learning, and it is important to ensure that every classroom is up to standard and that students enjoy a comfortable learning environment as much as possible, Lin said.”Integration means not simply accepting teachers and students from private schools, but ‘integration’, so that students can adapt to the new learning environment as soon as possible, and teachers can adapt to the management mode and teaching requirements of public schools. There can be no distinction between each other.”Lin Xiaofeng put forward requirements for Anjing and Ritan schools, hoping that the two schools would take the initiative to solve practical problems such as differences in teaching management modes, differences in teachers’ qualifications and differences in students’ learning habits after integration, bravely assume responsibilities, and strive to overcome them, creating a new situation of “1+1 > 2” education.Teachers come first in the development of education.In the “people to public” campaign, the quality of the teaching staff needs to be in the first place, the quality of the teaching staff can be improved, the people are stable, in order to calm down and grasp the quality.”Strict control is love.”Lin Xiaofeng hopes that anjing and Ritan schools must strictly manage school affairs, especially safety issues must be strictly grasped.The school must establish safety awareness, so that “safety is no small matter, everyone is safe”.Lin Xiaofeng and her team asked anjing and Ritan to carry out the work of the two schools: “Education is a never-ending practice. Every educator always keeps the original mind of educating people and cultivates every child with heart and love, so that children can gain something and gain something in the school life for several years.””Lin xiaofeng said.Saying goodbye to the days of reading and studying under dim incandescent lamps, the 1,113 students of Yuan Daxing School will study and grow up in the sun together with students of public schools from today.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Wu Yueyue editor Hou Banghu editor Li Qing