Rain water solar term, middle-aged and old friends remember to eat 4, seasonal and eat, safe through the “reverse cold”

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Rain water is the second of the 24 solar terms.The Year of the Tiger is the “year of wood”, rain comes earlier than in previous years, rain more than in previous years.In Guangxi alone, it has rained for nearly 20 days in February.In some places, it even snowed -5 degrees. Before the early spring had time to warm up, there was an “inverted cold” everywhere.This year rain solar term, the sun father-in-law is on vacation, the temperature is cold.We want to keep warm, while preventing spring fire, especially in the elderly, in the early spring diet pay attention to, remember to eat more than four kinds of food.Seasonal and food, the body is strong, safe through the “inverted cold”.Rain for eating 4 kinds of food 1, leeks in early spring leeks are tender and juicy, is the spring season of warm Yang vegetables, leeks are the king of hundreds of dishes, ancient “spring march food, caustic disease is not chang, bones and muscles benefit strong” said.It means that eating more leeks in spring makes people less sick and stronger.Leek is a root vegetable, winter nutrition reflux roots, early spring in the first crop of leek taste and nutrition than the back more nourishing people.2, bean sprouts mung bean sprouts is one of the popular sprouts, mung bean sprouts in vitamin C, protein and amino acids required by the human body.Mung bean sprouts are crisp and nutritious.When mung bean sprouts are cooked on their own, add some shredded ginger to neutralize them, or add vinegar to prevent vitamin loss.Eat bean sprouts in spring, it is not easy to get angry.Recommend recipe — cold mix green leek bud (leek heat, bean sprout cool and neutral) food material: leek, mung bean sprout practice: 1, after the pot is heated, put in clean white sesame to open small torch it to stir sweet, take out after cooling with a rolling pin pounded or broken wall broken standby.2, the pot of boiling water, put a little salt and cooking oil, water after boiling leek in, remove the color into cold boiling water.Then put the mung bean sprouts into the water blanching, cooked bean sprouts also out of the cold boiled water.3, sauce: take a small bowl, the bowl into a little salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil 4, put the blanched leeks and bean sprouts in a big bowl, pour the sauce up, and then add garlic paste, sprinkled with cooked sesame, mix can.Early spring leeks with fresh mung bean sprouts, not only can fill Yang, qi and blood, but also can prevent fire, is very rain seasonal vegetables, simple and easy to learn.3, shepherd’s purse shepherd’s purse is wild vegetables in spring, ordinary people like to eat food, its delicious taste, high nutritional price, spring to eat shepherd’s purse can clear heat beneficial stomach benefits, shepherd’s purse seasonal is very strong, not picking the old season can not eat.Recommended recipe: fried eggs with shepherd’s purse, simple nutrition and delicious ingredients: shepherd’s purse, egg practice: 1, fresh and tender shepherd’s purse into the plate, add a spoonful of salt soak for 20 minutes, wash chopped.2, in a bowl with eggs, add a little salt beat, set aside.3, pot heat oil, pour eggs into the liquid fry 8 mature sheng, start the pot oil, put the shepherd’s purse in the ground and stir fry until dark green, put a little salt to taste, and then put the fried eggs in together stir fry evenly sheng out.4, the fried shepherd’s purse eggs into a bowl, upside down on the plate, such a delicious shepherd’s purse scrambled eggs home dish is done.4, garlic moss garlic moss is garlic long to a certain extent after the flower stem, is one of the popular vegetables.Garlic moss is rich in cellulose, garlic moss has the fragrance of garlic and vegetables crisp and refreshing, garlic moss can be fried directly or cooked with other letter dishes, the cooking time should not be too long, so as to avoid the loss of allicin.Recommended recipe: Stir-fried meat with garlic moss (simple and delicious) Ingredients: green garlic moss, beef How to do: 1, first wash the beef into strips, garlic moss into about 5 cm long small pieces for reserve.2, cut beef into a large bowl, add a little wine, salt, pepper, light soy sauce, starch, a spoonful of cooking oil marinate for 10 minutes.3, heat up the wok and add oil, put the marinated beef into it, quickly fry it until it is broken and then remove it.4, put the oil in the pot, put the garlic moss into the rice stir-fry, stir-fry until 8 mature, add salt and stir-fry for 1 minute, pour the fried beef back into the pot, mix together and stir fry evenly, then remove.Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is also called chrysanthemum dish, known as the emperor’s dish in ancient times, fragrant and used to be a palace delicacy.On the market, chrysanthemum coronarium in the south and chrysanthemum coronarium in the north are more common.Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is rich in nutrition and fresh in taste. Trace selenium in Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum plays a good role in improving the growth of teenagers and the physical function of middle-aged and old people.