Tears eye!Zhumadian post-00 college students take time off to take care of their father!A word touched countless people!

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The father accident that works outside falls break down, 00 hind university student Yan Jilong decides to leave school to take care of, face heavy hardships in the other place with no relatives, still insisting however…In Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Yan Jilong’s touching story attracted many people’s attention after it was reported by the media.Yan Jilong is a sophomore in Zhengyang County, Zhumadian city, a city of good people.I get up at 5 am every morning, put away the foldable bed beside the bed, wash and clean the urine bag for my father who is paralyzed in the bed, then take the wheelchair, cook and feed food, and then accompany my father to start the day’s rehabilitation treatment.This is how Yan Jilong and his father Yan Xianwen spend almost every day in the icu of Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital.Yan jilong has been taking care of his father like this for almost half a year.Yan Jilong, born in 2000, is a sophomore majoring in marketing at Zhengzhou Yellow River University of Science and Technology.Last summer, his father, a migrant worker in Ningbo, fell 2 meters and suffered severe brain trauma, which he will probably never recover from.Yan jilong’s family has four brothers and sisters, mother is not healthy, at that time after weighing the pros and cons, or by him to take care of his father the most appropriate.For several months, he accompanied his father to undergo surgery and rehabilitation in several hospitals in Ningbo, taking care of his unconscious father with care, just as his parents did when he was a child.Facing the hardships of life in a foreign land with no friends, Yan Jilong also had moments when he wanted to cry. He said that when he looked up at the sky, tears would not fall down.The son awakens the father but the father does not recognize him Yan Jilong accompanies his father to do rehabilitation treatment every afternoon.At less than 1.7 meters tall, he struggled to lift his father, but he was always careful not to knock him.Worried about his father’s skin allergy, he always changed the urine bag frequently, even at night did not forget to see several times.Before each therapy session, he carefully put on the sheets he brought with him.He had been studying with the carers for several months and was now able to look after his father on his own.Perhaps moved by Yan Jilong’s sincerity, more than a month later, the father gradually woke up, could speak vaguely, but could not answer accurately, and could not recognize his son. Most of the time, he just sat in the wheelchair in the ward and took a nap.Fearing that his sick mother would be worried, Yan jilong always reported good news rather than bad news when he received her phone call.The only family member beside him can not communicate, too many bitter he can only go to the stomach pharynx.On January 20 and 21, Ningbo Evening News exclusively reported the story of Yan Jilong, a college student from Henan province, who took a one-year leave of absence to take care of his paralyzed father in Ningbo alone, which touched many netizens.Seeing the young man’s story, many caring people not only expressed their best wishes, but also hoped to donate money to help him overcome the difficulties.The reporter conveyed the netizens’ thoughts to Yan, but He declined.”I think I can donate money to those who need it more than I do, to make everyone’s dedication more valuable and to pass on this love,” he said.Although I also need it, the most help I need relatively is the compensation for the construction site and my father’s health recovery.You have helped me a lot. Thank you very much indeed.Thank you!Also wish our parents, family and friends are healthy, safe and smooth work!”This Spring Festival, Yan jilong will definitely spend time with his father in the ward. He said he will not be lonely with the medical staff on duty.His greatest wish is for his father to recover soon and his mother to be healthy.He liked the message on the mirror in the hospital’s recovery hall: “There is no failure, only to give up.
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