Curling beauty, rely on strength circle powder!Fan Su Yuan, Ma Jingyi, Yue Qingliang, pure quietly elegant smile sweet

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Which sport has the highest level of appearance?There are too many beauties in the curling team to lose figure skating!Which sport has the highest level of appearance at the Winter Olympics?Maybe a lot of people would say figure skating, because it’s one of the few sports where you can compete in makeup.Ling Zhi and Fan Su Yuan’s pairing has long been one of the most beautiful scenery in the Winter Olympics, and there is no shortage of beauties on the curling team.Ling zhi needless to say, beautiful features and elegant temperament, coupled with athletic body, he quickly became a “national husband” in the hearts of millions of young girls, his excellent performance in the competition is even more.Ling Zhi’s partner, Fan Suyuan, is no problem with a high level of appearance beautiful girl, the beautiful face and sweet smile also let the audience unforgettable, many people said: even if I do not understand curling this sport, but it does not prevent me to understand the beauty.MaJingYi was born in 1995, is a very beautiful woman, also has a very delicate facial feature, even without the Olympics the Chinese team roster, but netizens can not forget her, the 2018 winter Olympics pyeongchang, MaJingYi as a base, China won fifth grade pyeongchang winter Olympics.Now, she will still cheer for Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan on her social media platform, and she is very concerned about the results of the Chinese curling team in the Beijing Winter Olympics.In fact, The Chinese curling team has long been no lack of beautiful men and women, perhaps many people still remember Yue Qingliang, before serving as the second base of the Chinese curling team, she is the highest head of the team, but also the most beautiful fashion players.Now, she is a member of the Technical committee of the World Curling Committee and the coach of the Chinese wheelchair curling team. She always pays close attention to ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan and shares her professional profiles and comments.Yue Qingxin’s former teammate Wang Bingyu, is also a pure temperament beauty, in that network is not particularly developed era, has harvested a lot of audience’s love, have to say, Chinese curling team is really talented and beautiful!