Famous masterpiece “everything from Hengshan sword crazy start”, let a person aftertaste endless chapter, do not move, everyone is chasing!

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The first chapter sword crazy square today the world, and up, good and evil.Magic to the sun and the moon as respect, the right way, Although shaolin Wudang or Mount Tai Beidou, Shaolin abbot, Wudang palm education, is known as the right way first, second master, but the momentum of the two schools, compared with the Five Yue Sword school is a little bit worse.Decades ago, Mount Huashan was respected, and the wuyue Sword school even surpassed shaolin and Wudang.Although huashan broke out later shocked the world of the sword, a comparable to shaolin, Wudang’s top school in the overnight decline.People stare at the whole world.If not wuyue Sword school with the same gas linked branches, if not Huashan school there are some inside information, if not……It is also very likely that Mt. Huashan will be destroyed.After all, history is full of schools that have been destroyed by catastrophes.The xiaoyao School in the Northern Song Dynasty and quanzhen School in the Southern Song Dynasty are typical examples.However, although Huashan fell, the Wuyue Sword school did not sleep.Like a relay race, after Mount Hua, mount Song rose again.Songshan Swordsman school took advantage of the situation and became one of the three masters of the right way, next only to shaolin abbot and Wudang Zhangjiao.More than 10 years ago, wuyue Sword party alliance, force to fight magic teach as I attack, Cold ice gas shine brilliantly, from now on, it is determined to songshan as the core leadership group wuyue sword party.From then on, the Songshan sect would launch an attack on the sun and moon Sect, the largest sect of the underworld.In recent years, the Wuyue Sword school had many battles with the Sun and moon God school, among which songshan School had the most battles with it, which could be regarded as a pioneer of the right path.During the war, Songshan did not decline, but became stronger and stronger.By fighting with each other, songshan School emerged masters such as “Thirteen Taibao”, who enjoyed a high reputation in all rivers and lakes. The master of Songshan school was aided by thirteen Taibao, which was like adding wings to a tiger. Songshan School’s reputation gradually seemed to have the tendency that Mount Hua overwhelmed Shaolin Wudang.Jiangshan generation of talented people, each leading for hundreds of years.Although because of heaven and earth, the environment is not as good as a hundred years ago, and even earlier, the end of the Yuan dynasty, the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the northern and southern Song Dynasty, but today it also has his wonderful.Who is the strongest man in the world?Although a lot of people don’t want to admit it, but also have to say, the demon religion, is the real leader.Shaolin abbot, Wudang Zhangjiao, Songshan Zhangmen, Huashan Suolao, the former master of magic jiao, etc., are all slightly inferior to them.However, these are not the rivers and lakes people after dinner, the most discussed topics.Really let the world to the princes and nobles, down to the li people, with relish is the wuyue sword school Heng Mountain school sword crazy.Of course, this kind of comment is not good, but a joke.Sword nerd, that sounds like a good nickname.Not as good as the Sword Master, the sword God, the sword fairy, the sword demon.But it was good, at least as good as any gentleman’s sword.The reason why the name is bad is ironic.It is because of this crazy, not crazy crazy, but some silly meaning.If the rivalry between the Huashan school and the swordsman is somewhat puzzling in the eyes of the world, then the swordsman’s behavior is even worse.In theory, as a member of the Wuyue Jian school, it is not wrong to practice jianfa, if not jianfa, improve jianfa, is the biggest joke.Only, this person practice is too extreme.The swordsmanship of Huashan was nothing but a matter of who was superior and who was inferior.And sword chi?He was a bit like the legendary jian Xiu, who had nothing but his sword.To put it more simply, he only trained the sword skills, other internal skills, steps, boxing, light skills, horizontal training, etc., he abandoned them as trash.Trying to break it all in one stroke.Boy, in this world, internal force is first, tactics last.Even huashan Jianzong had to practice his internal skills, but jianzhi only practiced tricks and sword skills.Although his talent in swordsmanship is indeed some of the ancient meaning of the modern.Legend has it that when he was born, there were thousands of swords on Mount Heng.Ordinary swordsmanship, fall into his hands, one time can be familiar with, three times can master, five times can master, ten times can be successful, more time, push new is not a problem.Even in his hands, he can draw inferences from one another.At the beginning, after hengshan party knew this, the end was ecstatic.Think this is hengshan zhongxing Lord, ready to vigorously cultivate.If jian fanatics really grow up, it is not safe to say that they will become the same kind of jian fanatics of Huashan school.All factions in the world were filled with envy and hatred, and even demons and other elite factions were ready to send assassinations to nip them in the bud.We should know that huashan school, after the swordsmanship, can still be inherited intact, but the wind is clear.So, the emergence of such a master is just, and another, whether good or evil are not willing to see.But that sort of thing soon went away.Because this sword fan of Hengshan school is a real sword fan.In addition to the swordsmanship, he did not practice internal and external skills.Of course, he was not ignorant of the disadvantages of only practicing fencing.However, he was a jian fan, and looked down on other internal skills, thinking that the only thing worthy of him was jian Jing.In other words, instead of internal force, he would practice sword strength.Good guy, this idea, let alone in a martial arts world, even in the world of fairy chivalry, it is not an easy thing to achieve.His idea once spread, immediately stir up the whole Hengshan party, and then, spread to the whole river’s lake.Everyone laughed at the whimsical idea.It’s a joke. If you want to make internal force become sword force, how can your body bear it?But no matter what other people think, sword chi is not at all concerned.Due to the particularity of genius, as well as the identity of jian Chi itself.The most important thing is that even if he was forced to practice, it did not help.Because in addition to swordsmanship, the practice of other things, sword fanatics like idiots, how to learn.After a long time, the public can only let it go.In this way, his contemporaries began to cut a figure in the rivers and lakes, shine brilliantly, and even some boarded the position of the head.And the sword of its own jianfa attainments naturally brilliant, compared with the huashan sword god are not more let.But in terms of combat effectiveness, that’s a whole different ball game.Now, he is no match for the next generation of talent, let alone his own.Under this, the sword chi completely reduced to a joke.In this regard, jian chi do not care, or go its own way, living in hengshan Sutra Cabinet, single-minded, want to create a jianqi practice of internal work mind.Hide into the small building into a unified, which tube spring, summer and autumn winter.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!