I haven’t been back to see my grandma for a long time…

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Look at the scenery around you from a different Angle every day and you will find that life actually has a lot of beautiful tuantuan original columns. Wish tuantuan every share can accompany you to spend a good evening”I haven’t been back to see my grandma for a long time.”Friends xiaoyi to determine the local New Year, said so.I suddenly realized that for my generation, Chinese New Year is about more than just relaxing and gaining weight.The most frequently mentioned is visiting the elderly at home.They seldom appear at ordinary times, know you work out busy time is tight, occasionally from parents’ mouth inquire about your news;But every Spring Festival, they always look forward to and nervous.Will confirm your schedule in advance, put out the Spring Festival goods waiting for you to open the door, incidentally found some traces of you grow up.Grandpa is a man of culture and the gentleness I have ever met.Grandpa has been almost deaf for as long as I can remember.When I was young, I loved to be around my grandfather, who had studied abroad and been to many places.In my impression, he seems to be able to do everything very well.Love to cook, can make toys, but also teach us calligraphy;He is educated, writes calligraphy well, and speaks elegantly.He is gentle because I have never seen him lose his temper or even speak out loud.The year he died, I missed it, and I still regret it.It happened to be a very busy year for me, and I even bought him lotus root powder to take home.But by the time I got home, grandpa was gone.I could not cry on the day of the funeral. It was the first time I had experienced death. I could not believe that I would never hear him speak again.To this day, I often think of him, but hardly ever dream about him.My mom says people who are happy over there don’t tell their families about their dreams.02# In my mind, Grandma is a little old lady.At that time, I loved to get sick as soon as I had a holiday. Every summer vacation, I went to grandma’s house and had my own bed for transfusion in the small clinic downstairs.She will send me to preschool every day, when passing a vegetable market, there are chickens, ducks and geese, every time I am very afraid, passing quickly ran past, grandma has bad legs, sometimes can’t keep up.I often turn around after running and see her running after me. It’s so cute.She knew all the street vendors and talked with them when she picked me up from school.Such as selling sunflower seeds peanut snacks out, uncle aunt let me grab a handful to eat.Grandma said thank you all the way I took it.Grandma also planted a lot of flowers and plants at that time.Pomegranates, figs, sunflowers, leeks.Then one year, the hailstones destroyed them, and grandma cried for two days, crying just thinking about it.She said that the flowers and trees ah, but also to accompany her family, the hail came to save them, very distressed, although I was small, but also followed grandma sad for a while.Now when I go back to the old house, my childhood memories come flooding back.Grandma picked me up from school and gave me braised pork;I was upset that I didn’t get a full mark, but grandma tried her best to comfort me.One day, I was doing my homework and was found by grandma, and I secretly stuffed the toys into the drawer….After many years, grandma and I are not what we were.But seeing that toy again, it’s like it’s all coming back.And those careless time, now recall, every minute is precious.Grandma’s home is no longer my harbor, but the happiest place in memory.This year I am a person in the field of New Year, grandma know that every day at home chanting, she worried about me.I also miss her very much, ready to give her video New Year, red envelope, let her see me more.03# Why do we always remember?Because a lot of memory fragments, there are flashes of love.Why do we like reunions?Because the moments with family remind us of the happy moments of the past.That year grandma stayed up late to make a pair of cotton shoes, you put on the moment feel very warm and comfortable.That year grandpa bought a toy that you loved so much that you slept under the covers.Grandpa planted a bag of corn that year, and the popcorn popped especially delicious.Grandma took you to a restaurant that year, and the smell still lingers in my heart….Then we grew up, far away from home;Later they grew old and seldom went out.Later, when my hometown was rebuilt, there was no old house.Then was cut off by the epidemic, the New Year can not reunion.But as long as those warm memories remain, we will never be apart.But as long as those warm memories are still in us, we will never separate. Guess you like to build a nest of hope. Light up the way to realize dreams!
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