Only in the province!Ningbo has become one of the first outstanding units in the construction of “four good rural roads” in China

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The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Rural Development Administration jointly issued a circular recently naming 153 counties (cities and districts) as national demonstration counties for the construction of “Four good rural roads” and praising 40 outstanding units in cities.Ningbo won the first batch of national “four good rural road” construction outstanding units in the city, is the only city in our province won the evaluation!Whether it is coastal beach or Siming mountain area, 9973 kilometers of rural highway in Yongcheng is connected with the mountain and sea, “capillary” in all directions, connecting 584 kilometers of highway, 940 kilometers of common national and provincial road “artery”.Snow scenery of Simingshan Highway of Hu Xi Line since 2018,Ningbo government successively issued by the people’s government of ningbo city construction of high level of the implementation of the “four good rural road” opinion “, “ningbo” four good rural road “medium to long term development plan (2021 ~ 2035)”, “ningbo city construction of high level” four good rural road “three years (2018-2020), a crucial action plan, the good direction, determine the target;Formulate “several Opinions on regulating the construction and management of Rural Roads”, standardize the construction procedures, increase multi-party investment, in recent 3 years, ningbo rural road construction and maintenance of a total investment of 15.1 billion yuan, the new reconstruction of 1213 kilometers of rural roads, repair road surface 1629 kilometers, the reconstruction of 115 dangerous bridge disease tunnel;The Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Rural Road Management and Maintenance System was issued. In 2021, Ningbo implemented a new round of deepening the reform of rural road management and Maintenance system, and again improved the municipal subsidy standard for rural road maintenance, which was at the highest level in the province. At the same time, supporting the establishment of subsidy fund growth and performance assessment methods;Focus on innovating two mechanisms: one is the credit supervision mechanism of transportation construction market, which supervises enterprises in the market, projects and performance of duties.Second, the catastrophe insurance pilot mechanism, which piloted disaster insurance for rural roads in Haishu District and other places, guided nongovernmental funds to participate and played an active role in the recovery of the 2021 “Fireworks” typhoon.Digital can assign to build the project of digital highway the total investment of 140 million yuan, the formation of “visible, measurable and controllable” network monitoring service system, combined transport road courtyard the first pilot developed a complete set technology “” bridge intelligent inspection, ministry has listed the unsafe bridge reconstruction and so on three typical engineering example of a” technical innovation case “;Ningbo Municipal Highway Over-limit Transport Management Measures has been issued, 106 277 lane detection facilities have been built, and major road sections have been basically covered and off-site law enforcement has been normalized.The province’s first “Ningbo Ordinary Road Traffic Safety Protection Technical Guide (Trial)” to improve the road traffic safety factor.Zhejiang province first scenic road G527 Ninghai scenic road Yangmeiling reservoir section easy to travel, the flow of goods.In 2017, Ningbo has achieved “public transport in every village”, and the integrated development level of urban and rural passenger transport has maintained 5A level, while the integration of urban and rural public transport has also been included in the “Pilot project of building a Transport Power”.It has built a three-level network system of “county-level transfer, township-level distribution and village-level distribution”, built 2,375 rural logistics outlets and 397 urban and rural postal express service stations (points), and took the lead in realizing full-brand, all-weather and full-coverage express delivery into villages in the province.Relying on rural logistics, connecting various e-commerce characteristic towns and more than 1,500 rural e-commerce service points, the city will sell more than 4,000 kinds of agricultural products online in 2020.By the end of 2021, a total of 108 city-level rural villages and 40 provincial-level rural villages (spots) will have been cultivated, with 70.9 million tourists and 6.5 billion yuan in revenue, with an annual growth rate of more than 8%.Driven by the traffic support of Liang-Nong Highway, the added value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery in The city reached 35.2 billion yuan in 2020, the absolute value of which maintained the first place in the province for five consecutive years. The amount of rural export of agricultural special products increased to 20 billion yuan, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents ranked first among cities at the deputy provincial level.Fenghua zone on the west dock period of xiangshan coastal scenic highway at present, fenghua, xiangshan named “four good rural road” national demonstration county, six counties (cities) as “four good rural road” provincial demonstration county, xiangshan, fenghua, ninghai three district (county) as the provincial economy beautiful traffic corridors demonstration county, is the largest number of cities in the province demonstration county.A number of major indicators of Ningbo Sigood rural Road have also achieved 100% (proportion of grade 4 or above roads, access rate of natural villages with more than 100 people, public transportation rate of rural passenger lines, coverage rate of postal stations in administrative villages, coverage rate of village-level rural logistics points, coverage rate of passenger lines in 3A and above scenic spots, etc.).Hangzhou Bay bridge and sea sightseeing platform on the view platform “14 five” period, Ningbo plans to complete rural road construction investment of 14.7 billion yuan, the implementation of the mileage of 500 kilometers.In the construction of “four good rural roads”, Ningbo has accelerated its upgrading, providing support and guarantee for the construction of a strong traffic city, a modern international coastal metropolis and a leading city of common prosperity.Supervise | butyl future Zheng Li edit | Chen Shangwen | Wu Yuxi Feng * all peer originator, reprint please indicate the source.