Serving the old is not “degraded” because they are sticking to the idea that our city is speeding up the establishment of a modern social worker system

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Isolate the virus but not love.In order to ensure the health and safety of the elderly, community day care centers and rural happiness centers throughout the city suspended cluster services and activities during the epidemic prevention and control period, but services for the elderly cannot be “suspended”. Social workers on the streets and back streets sent warm care to the elderly.International Social Workers Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of March every year.Yesterday, the city of Hetong community pension complex south section long Chi Hefei spent his holiday on the post.Eight day care centers, and she told to “ground” of social work, to ensure that the community empty-nesters guaranteed every meal, cannot fall’s greeting call, she will also be collected on the net for the elderly home entertainment content share with social work group, through a web of social workers, let the old man at ease at home, don’t close company.”Although the day care center has suspended reception of the elderly, we still show up at work on time every day, switch from offline services to online services, and provide on-site services for the elderly’s special needs, such as picking up medicines and buying vegetables,” he said.ChiHeFei said that their job is to community workers cannot give attention to two or morethings service, provide the community with “fine,” “, “take the old service, community workers can master to the elderly demand information provided to us, we have demand for the old man ‘self-construal’ solving problems, let more temperature service for the old.”In addition to providing services for the elderly, social workers have become ubiquitous in social assistance, medical care, crime prevention and other fields in recent years. They make up for the inadequacy of government public services and play the role of “pressure relief valve” in resolving social conflicts.According to the statistics of the municipal Civil affairs department, by 2020, the total number of social work professionals in the city was 36,800, and the shortage of social workers became increasingly prominent.In order to make up for the shortcomings, the “14th Five-year Plan” for the development of Civil affairs in Tianjin issued recently proposed to speed up the establishment of a modern social work system.To achieve this goal, civil affairs authorities have developed a road map.It is reported that the city encourages social work service institutions to cooperate with colleges and universities to broaden practical training channels for students majoring in social work and promote the healthy and orderly development of social work service institutions.Explore the “social work + volunteer” service model, and form a collaborative mechanism for social work talents to guide and assist volunteers in carrying out social work services;We will speed up the construction of social work stations in the streets and towns, and give priority to the development of social work services for the elderly, children in distress, and people with special difficulties.We will make full use of special subsidies for community public welfare undertakings and ensure long-term development of social work through government purchase of services.