Special meeting on epidemic prevention and control was held in Changzhi

2022-07-31 0 By

On January 30, after the 62nd special meeting of the CPC Provincial Committee on epidemic Prevention and control and the leading Group meeting of the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and control Work, Yang Qinrong, secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, immediately chaired a special meeting of the epidemic prevention and control work of the whole city, and rearranged the prevention and control work of Changzhi city during the Spring Festival to implement the requirements of the CPC Provincial Committee.Chen Erdong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and acting mayor, Ding Lijun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee attended the meeting.Yang qingrong stressed that with the Spring Festival approaching and the Winter Olympics and Paralympics coming soon, more and more people are returning to their hometowns, and the pressure of preventing imported cases is increasing, and the epidemic prevention and control situation remains grim.Must strengthen the returnees precision control, continue to strictly in high-risk areas back to long screen controls and associated personnel, we continued to carry out the whole flow of the closed loop management, low risk areas, no epidemic provinces to come from long returnees, classified pertinence control measures, supervise and urge for personal health management, being imported, clustering, correlation infection risk.Xi called for strict grid management at the grassroots level, giving full play to the role of grid workers, and doing community (village) prevention and control work in a strict and meticulous manner, resolutely overcoming paralysis and fluke mentality, and guarding the “last mile” of epidemic prevention and control.It is necessary to ensure the protection of people’s environment, strictly manage cold-chain logistics and delivery logistics, strengthen prevention and control of the whole process of import, sale, storage and transportation, and minimize the risk of person-to-person transmission.We need to strengthen the rectification of problems by referring to the feedback from the inspection group of the provincial party Committee, dynamically sorting out the blind spots, timely checking loopholes and making up for shortcomings, and doing our best to implement them.To consolidate top-down efficiently through responsibility system, the city party and government at all levels responsible for comrade, relevant head main comrade in charge, and the villages and towns, community (village), grassroots cadres to hold position, on New Year’s day, medical treatment, flow back, nucleic acid detection “three professional teams” and the need on duty cadres at various levels shall keep on standby, ready to emergency preparedness,We will implement measures to ensure the care and care of front-line epidemic prevention workers, maintain full combat effectiveness, and jointly build tight defense lines and defend the position of long-term governance.(Source: Changzhi Daily cui Yan)