German masters began, 5:3, 5:2 Chinese two generals both win, zhang anda strength is poor

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Snooker when single limited competition ended, after one day, open the German masters, the Chinese army before war soldiers, one is in forward when single limited nearly into the finals, deputy director of liang wenbo, because the new champions positive, be on the safe side, had to isolate the withdrawal, rivals man something for nothing, won by directly into the top 16, a surprise, picked up big money on the road;The second is the young Gao Yang, only limited to the interim official announced retirement during the match, the opponent Trump, also did not lie down to win, so just sit on the sidelines, recuperate, to his own personal championship of the third attack.The German Masters tournament started at 22:00 on January 26 with four matches, respectively: McGill vs Zhou Yuelong, new UK championship champion Zhao Xintong vs Mark Williams, Karen Wilson vs Jimmy Robertson, China’s Zhang Anda vs Belgian bullet Brescher.Oh!Before the competition start, say two things, one is the small Tong appreciate the beauty of the referee potts her little sister to hold the game, cutting the heart a little lost, you feel the same way, don’t hide anything, 2 it is you the most attentive rocket his and China’s ding junhui, two people in the same boat, freemasonry, all in qualifying, horrible,Among them, the Rockets lost 0-5 to the previous single time competition in the first winner of the Iranian general Wafi, while Ding director, was defeated by the veteran Mark Davis 4:5.In the four games, Tong did not guess that we know, like the next one, we are most concerned about whether Zhao Xintong can reappear in the British Championship. Lao Ma has won two finals and two championships in this event, which should not be underestimated, it can be called the old horse knows the way.Small tong nonsense too much, the game began: the first three games, two people into 2:1, handsome and handsome Zhao Xintong accident lead, three games score (heart child in the front) 79:31, 31:67, 64:60.The fourth, youthful heart child, started a little red light slow stretches the length after scoring, sell each rod must be better than the second again, suitcase, put a charge, detachment, no storm, or JiXu radical, a 72, zero wins, total scores 3:1, leading heart child, a scud across wind, sail away.In the fifth game, the two men were in each other’s hands, but King’s left hand repeatedly played directly to the point, the score was 65:32, zhao tong students clear, even if it will still be backward mawhinney, no win, it is not only a big do snooker, results are made a shot, maradona unanswered, but later a shot the ball, horse, near misses, relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting to win, score 88:50, total score 2:3, old temporary behind the game, open the tortoise and the hare chased mode.In the sixth inning, although old grandma kick-off, but small red bags can be in, the heart child simple to fit to play with play, but the red ball heap is not split, only by tapping to turn, followed by both military and were not a winner, and finally what you don’t want to give young people polite, with a 83-9, hale and hearty, spirit, and the total score for 3 flat.The seventh bureau, this bureau for both sides, is very important, who wins the first match point, the whole audience is bound to be one, a shot sealed throat, world War I and win, we say, there is a what?The bureau after kick-off, the horse with a long table, aim, “he said, truly the king left hand, but on one pole scored 38 points, long bag, little red bottom heart boy classmates to take over the game, but not a few bar, small white pile in a red ball, no perfect goal line, defensive, on both sides frequently attack with keep, you come to me to,In the end, Xintong was in no hurry, neither salty nor bland, neither fast nor slow, and everything was said when you say nothing. With a stroke of 89, she won 103:38, with a total score of 4:3, one step away from the round of 16.Tee, as always, the eighth inning, but an old habit to small white search on the piles after the little red, then both sides mutual defense articles, it has failed to open, especially the horse, don’t want to lose to junior students heart child, often play to depend on, the small white side stick to the red ball heap, and the heart child is helpless, suit, do the same thing, the middle-aged uncle cannot bear to see it by the referee to stop two people,Re-swing the ball.Two people after the restart, horse started twice failed to win a rod, and the child’s classmates young hearts, dare to high-speed, a little red strong scoring machine combinations, length, is nearly do or die, finally determined, zhao for a young child’s classmates to fit a fierce like a tiger, operation quickly to their single pole, 70, 76, 15 wins, total 5:3 carefree freehand promotion 16 strong, and the old horse a little resistance fruitless, although angry to surrender, but did not forget to shake hands with xiao Zhao and go.Little heart Tong congratulations boy horse wins the horse again, and the other at the same time open three games, with the sichuan ding junhui Zhou Yuelong, 5-2 win McGill, start three series, a winning, lay the full cost directly, majestic, believe that true ding junhui is comforting, and black Jimmy Robertson, was sorry to 5:1 out of the tournament, showing his true colors, as for The Chinese player Zhang Anda, strength, 3 to 5 lost to Brecel, no fault, expected.