Go, the New Year go | Spring Festival market thriving at the local level

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Buy buy buy, supermarket sales prosperous;Ramble, shopping malls department store consumption momentum;Eat eat eat, holiday food consumption hot……Today is the fourth day of the New Year, the reporter visited the city’s large supermarkets, comprehensive shopping malls found that the Spring Festival market continued the hot momentum before the festival, ushered in the holiday consumption peak.During the Spring Festival, the city’s consumer market is rich in supply, and the traditional consumption continues to be hot, and the trend of quality is more obvious.While enriching the supply of goods and services, enterprises and businesses in the field of commerce and trade have taken strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic so that consumers can enjoy a safe and healthy Spring Festival.Buy buy buy: supermarket procurement on 4 February morning, the reporter visited two big business city super found that during the Spring Festival NianWeiEr is still very strong, first sales promotion activity continued during the holiday season, continue to stimulate the consumer’s shopping desire, many popular during the Spring Festival gift box, hot seller remains stubbornly supermarket “C”.The head of a supermarket introduced that during the Spring Festival, the supermarket will continue to open.Although the passenger flow from the first to the third day of the Lunar New Year decreased compared with the peak period of shopping in the week before the festival, the passenger flow was generally stable and the supply of goods was sufficient.”Now people ‘hoard’ less New Year goods, eat now buy now, to a fresh, rich but not wasted, civilized holiday.”A citizen who is buying vegetables said.Reporters visited several supermarkets found that dairy set gift box, dried fruit gift box, fruit combination container and other “healthy food is still” attributes of the goods occupy the core position of the gift area, the shipment is very large, gradually become the mainstream gift on the holiday market.The concept of “sending health” has gradually taken root in people’s hearts, and cost-effective and practical goods have become the first choice for citizens to visit relatives and friends.Shopping: super hot consumption, entertainment and shopping, shopping mall consumption more diversified, more rich experience.During the Spring Festival, wuhai Wanda Plaza, General Times Square and other large comprehensive shopping malls do not close during the Spring Festival, seize the opportunity of holiday consumption and focus on promotion. The festive festive atmosphere, ultra-low promotional discounts and dazzling commodities in the shopping malls ignite the shopping enthusiasm of citizens.Wishing tree, write down the wishes and blessings of the New Year;Take a New Year’s family photo to freeze the happy moment.From January 31 to February 6, Wuhai Wanda Plaza held a series of Spring Festival activities, which became a good place for citizens to celebrate the festival and go shopping with friends and relatives.On February 4, the reporter saw wuhai Wanda Plaza, the shopping mall is very busy.Flash flower shop, dozens of varieties of flowers colorful, fragrant, love flower market elected non-stop;In the gold and silver jewelry store, a man is accompanying his lover to choose the favorite jewelry, full of love;The clothing store, winter clothing discount intensity, spring clothing style, people are enjoying “Taobao” shopping fun.General Motors Times Square has launched a series of promotional activities to welcome the Spring Festival, including “Good luck in 2022” and “Good Luck in the New Year”.Just eat:Restaurants are popular during the Spring Festival holiday. On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, major catering enterprises in The city continue to diversify their dishes, innovate marketing methods, and launch sets of New Year’s Eve dinner, New Year family dinner and party meals of different grades, flavors and specifications, to meet consumer needs at different levels.To provide consumers with adequate supply, food safety, quality service catering services.Large and medium-sized catering enterprises business prosperous, located in the shopping mall complex of restaurants during the Spring Festival launched delicious food has its own characteristics, attracted many citizens into the restaurant dining.The Spring Festival holiday is continuing, the festive atmosphere is thick, consumption is in the right time.