Gu Ailing: The last jump is conservative and you can get silver. I choose 1620 gold, which a girl has never done before

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Beijing, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) — Gu Ailing, 18, of China, won China’s third gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday morning with a stunning comeback in the women’s big jump freestyle skiing final.After the race, she said she considered using her last dive to win a silver medal, but ended up fighting for it.Gu will compete in three events, halfpipe freestyle skiing, slopestyle and big jump. The first two events are her main events, while the big jump is a minor event and a medal will be considered a success.Gu scored 93.75 points in the first dive, ranking second after the first round.In the second dive, Gu scored 88.50 and was provisionally third after two rounds.For her third and final jump, Gu chose the most difficult jump for a woman on the platform at the Olympics:With a 1620 somersault, which she had never done before, she scored a whopping 94.50 with two jumps of 188.25, edging France’s Tess Ludd by 0.75 points.After the game, GuAiLing said in an interview, “today is my most happy one day, the most happy for a second, I made a final jump never challenge, no girl ever challenge in the history of an action, I choose this is to do your best, show to the world of my own ability, took such a high score, won the Olympics,I can’t describe how happy I am!!”Gu said that she had never done the third jump 1620 in the final in training before, and she thought about whether to do it better to compete for a silver medal or to do a new jump to compete for the gold medal. Finally, she chose the latter.She said that even if she doesn’t end up doing it, she hopes to encourage more people to try it.”A real princess?”” Congratulations sister, great woman” “challenge is their own, overcome is their own, complete is their own, not by any other external factors tied, she must be a consistent person, this is too charming!You are yourself when you are in the clouds.””Confident girls are the most beautiful.”No girl ever did!””Excellent” “Frog Princess Risby” “you can feel the excitement and excitement in her heart across the screen” “Beijing girl’s accent ha ha ha ha she is so cute” “Self confidence!!Rise above the challenge !!!!Gu Ailing is wonderful !!!!.””Love bullying!Love you love you ^ 3 ^ “I am the queen, confidence shine.”