“I am on duty during the Spring Festival” bingcheng Public Security Bureau will send you “Peace and happiness”

2022-08-01 0 By

Another full NianChuXi reunion, happiness, warm, comfortable city public security never stops add a peace for the happiness that small purplish blue shadow shuttle in the streets with hold the spot light of peace they hold is the best farewell to the past is the best to meet for the New Year is the best blessing to the crowds say goodbye to the year of the ox, sail the year of the tiger was splendid, peaceful country and safe people!Wish the whole family reunion and happiness!Bingcheng Public security, always guard at your side!Road li branch police in the century old street to carry out public security patrols.During the festival, the police of the subway branch carried out continuous patrol and control to ensure the safety of subway travel.Shipping branch police to carry out safety inspection of ice and snow entertainment projects.Hulan branch police check fire safety in the central market.Traffic police in the provincial government post command traffic, to ensure a smooth and orderly traffic flow along the line.Nangang branch police sent New Year’s greetings to the needy people.Bungalow branch police patrol wanda Snow Paradise to prevent accidents and cases.Shangzhi city bureau police on the “nine small places” to carry out security checks.Songbei branch police in the big geng home tollbooth duty patrol detachment special police in the convention center duty point to perform the Spring Festival security task.