If a lawyer doesn’t drink and socialize, can’t he get a case?

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Some people will be sensitive to this question – lawyers do not drink social, whether can not receive the case?Especially young lawyers just starting out.In fact, to be a lawyer to receive a case, it is not necessary to drink toasts, there may be a better way to receive a case.For example, the following methods can be tried: 1, write articles published.Invite dinner and drink, belong to relatively low-end social.Finding like-minded people by writing articles is another kind of advanced networking.In this way, the people you know can be long-term contacts, rather than fair-weather friends who have been criticized for a long time.Fair-weather friends are friends over wine and meat, and are likely to stab in the back for profit in private.Therefore, in the era of the rise of individuals advocating technology, the era of eating and drinking to get the source of the case and settle the case has gone forever.Today, good writing can earn a place, and perhaps more comfort, as well.After all, no one wants to kneel when they can stand nobly.2. Shoot short videos for popularization of French.It has always been the level of appearance that determines value in every industry.Some people just don’t want to believe it.In fact, at any time and in any industry, there is a phenomenon of looking at faces. Those with a high level of appearance tend to have a better probability of success than those with ugly ones.For example, Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong, Fu Dragon and phoenix are named together, but because the appearance level is too far apart, the final results are completely different.Nowadays, short videos are popular and people’s attention is difficult to concentrate. As lawyers, they can spread the law by shooting short videos.In this way, can kill multiple birds with one stone, at least can popularize the law, prevent illegal crime, save some people, save some families.Of course, the law at the same time, but also let more people see lawyers, so that lawyers to achieve the original intention of “be seen”, because “be seen” more opportunities, then, the opportunity to be chosen as the lawyer will also improve.So lawyers with good looks should do better with short videos than with articles.3. Publish a book.An article, for lawyers, the basic problem is not big, after all, long-term and text dealing.I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve seen pigs go.Even if you haven’t written an article before, if you read a lot of articles, it shouldn’t be too difficult when you really want to write an article.Someone is not blowing cattle – “reading broken volumes, writing such as God.”However, the book, it seems not too easy, a little difficult.And precisely because it’s hard, there are fewer lawyers to do it, and when someone does it, it’s more effective than a few articles.”The hard way is exactly the way up.”In fact, big things and small things, difficult things and simple things, really do, the consumption of time and energy is about the same, but the final effect is too far apart.So, with both options in front of you, I suggest you take the hard stuff, like writing a book.The effect will certainly be better.4. Lecture.It is said that so teaching benefits so much, in fact, those who teach earn more than those who learn.So the lecture is a much more effective networking tool for lawyers, a social magic tool.To be able to lecture shows that knowledge reserves are sufficient.If someone is listening, the course is good enough.Frequent speaking means a lot of positive feedback.In addition, when it comes to lecturing, lawyers are not just lawyers, but teachers to some extent.For the teacher, most people more or less will have that point of respect, with other relationships or there are many differences.The ability to give lectures and handle cases is more likely to not be too bad, and potential clients are more likely to recognize a lawyer’s ability.In this way, lawyers can avoid the embarrassment of “bragging”.5, live popularization.The development of “we media” can be divided into three stages: the first stage is to write articles with pictures and pictures.Stage two, short video.Stage three: live reality shows.At present, if lawyers want to develop case sources through we-media, the effect will be the best.The presence of a real person allows potential clients to directly determine whether the lawyer has real talent.Through the article, it’s a little vague.Watch short videos, not direct enough.Live live, strong sense of the scene, more likely to attract potential customers resonance, can save a lot of lawyers to “due diligence” trouble.Author: Zou Yujie lawyer nine chapter criminal defense founder;Founder of Anhui Lawyers Portal;Jin Asia-pacific (Bozhou) Law Firm Director……Goal: poor 20 years brute force, save 100 lives!