In Memory of Haizi (March 26)

2022-08-01 0 By

Nothing Else MattersMetallica – Masters of Thrash (Live) [Explicit] like a unique flowers open after thanks actually is the best age to choose a rainbow left put all of the four girls and their love story ten put down all the tender spring and they put down all of the poetic scenery spring flowers facing the sea have a herd of horses grazing the sky there is a bunch of sweet nothings said to the sky and the earth has learned to this worldThe memory like or don’t like dotes on time or a little bit tired of melting in the spring breeze blows green a piece of haizi is a piece of haizi in plateau mountain in the sea of the sea in the days of the day we walked on the earth here still added new crown and other happiness or disaster we ignore those who call the teacher education we from far away, please treasure every one have a dream today each has powerJust remember every ten or dozens of spring in the spring of March 26, you stand in the distance look down in the black blossom a discus chardonnay very elegant is very brilliant shining like a spring that time we all don’t talk we read poems we all don’t see each other when we reading poetry we read poetry is walking your spring “haizi, haizi, there are so many fool fell in love with you” “haizi, haizi,There are so many spring blooms you “Haizi, Haizi became written in March memorial