Janyang City Disabled persons’ Federation on the open recruitment of disabled full-time officer notice

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The Jianyang Disabled persons’ Federation decided to recruit full-time officers for the disabled in accordance with the principle of openness, equality, competition and merit.The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Positions and quota 2 full-time officers for the disabled are to be employed, and the positions will be arranged by the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation.Ii. Methods of Employment and Benefits The employees employed this time are non-employees.Municipal Disabled persons’ Federation and full-time officers signed employment contracts.The salary standard for full-time officers is 50,000 yuan per person per year (including the “five insurities” paid by units and individuals). The probation period is 3 months. After passing the probation period, the employee will sign the employment contract with the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation.Three basic conditions, the candidate (a) the basic conditions of political stand firm, support the leadership of the communist party of China, comply with national laws and regulations, love the undertakings for disabled persons, with a strong sense of responsibility and organizational discipline, has the normal role and physical condition, with strong comprehensive coordination, event planning and writing ability.(2) Under the age of 35 (born after January 1, 1987), regardless of gender.Bachelor degree or above.(4) failing to receive criminal punishment, reeducation through labor or dismissal under any of the following circumstances;Under investigation for suspected violations of discipline and law;Those who have not been relieved of party or government disciplinary sanctions;Other qualifications not met by laws and regulations.Registration and Qualification (I) Registration period is from February 16, 2022 to February 24, 2022.(2) Online registration: Interested persons can download and fill in the Registration Form for Full-time Disabled Officer Recruitment of JANYANG Disabled Persons’ Federation (see the attachment), and send the registration form, id card, graduation certificate, recent 2-inch barefaced color front photo and other scanned documents to 422019175@qq.com.Registration deadline is subject to the time of sending email.(3) Qualification Examination Qualification examination runs through the whole process of open recruitment.All kinds of certificates, procedures and relevant information filled in by the applicants must be true and valid.Those who provide false or invalid certificates and procedures and do not truthfully fill in relevant information will be disqualified once verified.Those who meet the qualifications will be notified by phone to attend the interview.Physical examination: The items and standards of physical examination shall refer to the General Standards for Civil Servants physical Examination (Trial).The medical examination fee shall be borne by the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation.(2) Employment: those who have passed the physical examination shall be considered as employees.Discipline and Supervision In order to ensure the smooth progress of the open recruitment work of our company and maintain the fairness and seriousness of the recruitment work, we welcome the supervision from all walks of life.Attachment: Registration Form for recruitment of full-time officers for Disabled Persons by Janyang Disabled Persons’ FederationJianyang disabled persons’ federation hiring full-time director to sign up for the disabled registration name Don’t date of birth (years old) on ethnic penetration (years old) to take people to participate in the work time (or time) id political landscape health condition or disability number learn through a full-time teaching education school system and professional in vocational education school system and professional league is electricityWords Learning Job resume Rewards and punishments Main family members and important social relations appellation Name Age Political status Employer and position Signature (s) Year (s) Date (s) Remarks