Ligue 1 Express | Brest 5-1 bloody troyes

2022-08-01 0 By

At 22:00 GMT on February 13, 2022, the match between Brest and Troyes took place in Ligue 1, with Brest in charge.The aggregate score was 5-1, with Brest beating Troyes.Brest was in charge of 41 percent of his attacks, putting troyes under defensive pressure.Brest scored 42 per cent of their 12 shots against Troyes, five of which were converted into goals, while troyes scored one goal from five shots and threatened Brest’s goal from another.Brest received a yellow card and Troyes received a yellow card, with both sides apparently equal in fouls.Montpellier VS Lille 04:00, Lyon VS Nice 20:00, Monaco VS Lorient 22:00, Nantes VS Reims 22:00, Angus VS Strasbourg 22:00, Clermont VS St Aetian 22:00