“New lean on the sky dragon dragon record of jiuyang shengong” actor was heavily criticized cosmetic face, Qiu Meaning thick acting is not online

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Directed by Wang Jing, the sequel to the heaven-Leaning Dragon Slaughterer is slated for release in Malaysia on Feb 1, while the sequel, Heaven-Leaning Dragon Slaughterer, will be released on Feb 17.One of the film “heaven to kill the dragon record of jiuyang Shengong” after the release, the word of mouth is not satisfactory, as one of the leading actress Qiu Yinong was also ridiculed by netizens, set off a hot discussion!”Heaven to kill the Dragon of the Jiuyang God” and “heaven to kill the dragon of the flame of the wind” in Hong Kong and Taiwan network platform broadcast, as “Zhou Zhi if” Qiu Meaning thick was mocked by netizens “face stiff”, “cosmetic face”, etc.Although Wang Jing defended her voice on Weibo, she still couldn’t resist the “firepower” of netizens. After the broadcast, she was insinuated that she didn’t have any acting skills, and she played more than Wen Yongshan who played “Zhao Min”.In addition, the female disciples of emei school are more criticized by net friends are all “cosmetic face”, let the audience very play, even make fun of the liang Zheng appearance level and acting is the most natural in them!Disappointed net users have left comments: “Emei in addition to extinction, are a smell of dust”, “the camera swept past simply laughed to death, there are only two types of face: hyaluric acid and thin needle face”, “I would like to call it the ugest Zhou Zhiru in history”, “choose extinction also not her ah”, “emei pai how to become a plastic surgery hospital”.Anyway, did you guys see it