The income of navel orange growers in Fengjie has increased tenfold in 10 years

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“Cheers, the year of the Tiger, make persistent efforts to sell more navel oranges and farther.”On February 2, the second day of the Chinese New Year, fengjie County Zhuyi Town sanjiang village, villager Li Bai Tai’s family is having a reunion dinner.”In the past 10 years, our family’s income has increased from 40,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan, a tenfold increase.”Li Bai said with emotion too.”Road”, is the key to their family wealth.This road is a highway and a network.Sanjiang village, close to the Yangtze River, more than 30 kilometers from fengjie county.The villagers mainly earn income from navel orange cultivation.”Navel orange prices used to be very low.Villagers sell navel oranges at the docks and ship them out of the village, which is also very expensive.”‘Navel oranges cost as little as 50 cents per kilogram,’ Ms. Li recalled.As a result, his family’s annual income was only 40,000 yuan a decade ago.In 2013, a cement road from Fengjie county to Sanjiang Village was opened.Since then, from Sanjiang village to Fengjie county, the whole journey only about 40 minutes.With fast access out of the village, Li Baitai quickly expanded the scale of planting – – set up a cooperative, transfer more than 20 villagers of the land, annual output of navel orange about 800,000 jin.”In those years our navel oranges were sold to greater Chongqing and neighboring provinces.””After the highway opened to traffic, the average transportation time increased by a third, the average transportation cost decreased by about 20 percent, and the profit greatly increased,” Li recalled.However, in 2018, the online platform is booming, the market competition is increasingly fierce, Li Bai Tai encountered a new problem — navel orange sales are tepid, sales even showed a declining trend.”In order to expand navel orange sales, I sent my son to look for markets in many places across the country, but there was little success.”Lee recalled that his navel oranges were even unmarketable after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.In times of distress, help came.In March 2021, Meituan Preferred and other e-commerce platforms implemented the “agricultural fresh direct procurement” plan in Sanjiang Village.This let Li Bai Tai navel orange through the “network” sold to the whole country, docking on the big market.On the evening of January 30, the day before the Spring Festival, more than 10 workers in Li Baitai’s navel orange warehouse were working overtime to select and pack the navel oranges to supply the last batch of goods before the Spring Festival.”After the navel oranges are packed, they will be brought to Chengdu and sold nationwide through e-commerce platforms.”Fruit selection scene, li Baitai with a smile on his face said.Besides, Meituan also instructed him to divide the navel oranges into seven grades, which meet the corresponding needs of gift giving and self-eating. At the same time, meituan also instructed him to build storage, sorting and fruit washing places, and improve the quality of navel oranges through standardized procedures, so as to improve overall sales and reputation.Since mid-November last year, with the help of Meituan’s platform, Li Baitai has been able to sell about 10,000 kilograms of navel oranges a day, and at least 30,000 kilograms of navel oranges a day through online and offline channels. Li baitai has not only sold out the cooperative’s navel oranges, but also helped more than 200 villagers sell navel oranges, covering more than 10 villages in five towns, including Zhuyi town and Caotang Town.”In the New Year, we hope that with the help of e-commerce platform, our navel orange sales will continue to flourish, and more villagers will be well-off.”On the reunion dinner, Li Bai Tai said his New Year’s wish.