The woman lied that the cherry 8 yuan a catty, accidentally bumped into her mother-in-law to feed the chicken, the instant love dearly

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Recently, Hunan, a woman and her family from Guangdong back home for the New Year, with a lot of New Year goods, the woman worried about the real price of the New Year goods to tell her mother-in-law, her mother-in-law will not want to eat, they lied about the 8 yuan of cherries, durian 5 yuan, did not expect her mother-in-law unexpectedly carrying a bowl of cherries to feed chicken, the woman saw the moment meng.Today, I bought a box of ten kilograms of cherries to my parents. I clearly told her that it was 68 kilograms, 680 yuan for ten kilograms, and asked her to pack several bags for the people she wanted to thank.Usually, my two sisters and I live in Guangzhou, while my parents and younger brother live in Shanghai. We rely on my younger brother to take care of our parents, and there are doormen downstairs and neighbors to help us.Last month, mom said she wanted me to buy some chocolates from Dubai, so I bought three boxes and she gave them away.Five people in the family, buy ten jin of cherries is to give her, we do not eat much.Netizen comment: the price of chicken instant high, the vegetable market a shout to eat the cherry long big, the price of nature is several times higher than the cherry even dozens of times, known as the king of chicken!