There is no mortal in the dream of red Mansions, not even a lowly servant, but a great man in history

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Title: there is no mortal in honglou book, even if it is a lowly servant, it is also a big man in history!Text/jiang Zi said the book green ridge peak under a stone, had recorded magic and seal, the moon jedge-stone see “stone”!Rongjihua Xi Hua that glory, wood and stone before the alliance west hall Lord, rouge dyed on the “Dream of Red Mansions”!Sound energy two singers two letters, two mirror fengyue two flowers!Who knows thrush zhao romantic?Daughter has not married will not be born, eschatological loyalty Ming boudoir!When the first name tongling jade, when the original surname is Qin.Yuan Wei plays Er Bao in Eryu; Yunzi Juan Yi plays 姽 Hua; Rong Yuan Ning plays Yin Zhen Shi in The Translation of Zhuangzi in The Translation of Nan Hua.Red Building is zhu Lou, also can become Zhu Household, namely historian, Jia family hou Men gong fu, so, jia’s ancestor is Shi Taijun, jia Baoyu.”A Biography of Han Poetry” said: “The princes have virtue, the emperor tin.A tin carriage and horses, and then tin clothes…Six tin and zhu Hu.”It means that the ancient emperors rewarded virtuous princes, and the highest glory was to add nine tin, of course, at the beginning there was not so much as nine tin, six tin can not be, six tin is Zhu Hu, as if the imperial mansion and title meaning.In the book “Dream of Red Mansions”, rongxi Hall is such a place, in addition to the imperial gift handwriting, there are also ancient bronze tripod, and Zhou Qi jin 蜼 Yi, it can be said that rongguo Fu is the official Zhu Household.Into the hall, looked up to the face of a red gold Kowloon green ground big plaque, plaque written dou big three characters, is “rong Xi Hall”, after a line of small characters “a year, the book to grant Rong Guo Gong Jia yuan”, and “thousands of Chen Han treasure”.On the big red sandalwood statue case, there is a three-chi high green ancient bronze tripod, hanging the ink dragon painting to be leaked with the dynasty, on one side is gold 蜼 yi, on the other side is the glass sea (upper and lower dish).Underground two slip sixteen nanmu chair.”The Book of Han · Wang Mang biography” said: “so Mang chief worship again, by the green 韨 agon crown clothes……Nine orders qingyu two, Zhu Hu, na Bi.”It means that Wang Mang, a humble corporal, was promoted all the way by the power of the harem and received tin from the son of Heaven, including tin from Zhu Hu.Interestingly, the dream of red mansions, the author will compare rong-guo mansion to han weeks, compared the ningguo mansion to reigned han follwed, cao cao, uncle the xing rong street Gu Yu village said he the origin of the jia family, is the eastern han dynasty Gu Fu, and yuan spring mothering, god came before the show, the first is the emperor gaozu chopped snake a couplet of “white snake”.Yes, six of the “nine tin” is “Zhu Hu”. The dream of Red Mansions was originally “The History of Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and Xing”. The characters in the book are all emperors, princes, famous ministers and generals, and there are no ordinary people.Today we will simply talk about the cicada story in the book.In the story of A Dream of Red Mansions, Xue Baochai planted evidence against Lin Daiyu, which the author called “jincicada uncovering”. Wang Xifeng said that the Xiayin gauze, one of the soft smoke luo, was a silver red cicada gauze, and there was a summer cicada.In the story of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, there is a third-class servant girl, named Xia Cicada, who is the grandson daughter of Xia’s wife and works as a servant in jia Tanchun’s office.However, Xia’s grand-daughter, Cicada Sister, was a servant in tanchun’s office. She often went shopping with the maids in the house to call for help, and all the girls were friendly with him.Cui Mo smiled and said: “I’ll tell you a good word, you come back to tell your old niang to guard against some son.”Say, then ai officer accused his old niang words told him.See officer heard, this summer woman and Xia Cicada son seem to be the next three servants, how can stir jia Fu, provoke so many things to it?Summer woman how to encourage zhao Aunt and fang officer and other people make a scene?Later, the cicada ordered a woman to go out to buy cake, Fang Guan saw, and pretended to eat, Xia Cicada refused, Liu saw, they took a dish out, and passed to Fang Guan, Fang Guan deliberately took it to feed the birds, xia Cicada half dead, and since then, a deeper liang.Fang Guan took the cake and asked the cicada, “What do you really want to eat your cake?I am only saying that I am stubborn. If you give me a bow, I will not eat it.”Say, then inside the hand of the cake a piece of ground break off, throw dozen bird son stubborn.Later, lady Wang lost something in her room and several girl servants came to visit her. Every day, Sister Feng sent Ping er to urge Lin Zhixiao’s daughter-in-law. Aunt Lin felt suspicious when she saw the maid running around in the liu family.But a cicada, Lotus flowers and their daughters-in-law came by. Seeing this, they said, “Granny Lin wants to examine him.He hasn’t been running around here like a ghost these days. I don’t know what he’s doing.”The cicada said, “Yes.Sister Jade said yesterday that the chest in madame’s ower was opened and some odds and ends were missing.Lian two grandma sent flat girl and jade jade sister to some rose dew, who knows also less a jar.If it had not been for discovery, it would not have been known.”Then, Lin Aunt comes out a bottle of rose dew, a bag of poria cocho frost in Liu Wu er there, Liu Wu er lunch thief was taken down.Then Jia Baoyu came out to take the post, and the matter was settled.So who are these little people based on?What does the rose dew and Poria cocos cream incident have?Jiang Zi said before, all the events are alluding to the regime change, xia attributes of the task on behalf of the three camps, this summer cicada is the author used to satirize the civil servants and military generals, because cicada has five virtue, is a gentleman among insects, satirize is a hypocrite fighting for the door.The materials in this paper are mainly quoted from: A Dream of Red Mansions, Cheng Gaoben, Records of All Comments on Stones in The Fat and Inkstone Workshop, Biography of Han Poetry, Biography of Wang Mang in The Book of Han