Volunteer patrols to maintain community harmony and stability

2022-08-01 0 By

On February 18, volunteers spent two and a half hours on patrol in Wugong Mountain community, Xingwang district and Fucheng District.They for the well-being of the community people, carefully check every building there is no abnormal situation, whether it is safe, check the road environmental health, everything is normal and safe, they can rest assured.Xu Haibo party member volunteer service team to do everything possible for the community residents, especially low-income households, the masses of difficult life to solve the problems.On February 18, under the leadership of Captain Xu Haibo, the volunteer team of 9 people came to the house of Tang Yurong, a subsistence allowance household.”Your care, I will show with action.”Tang yurong said he had joined xu Haibo’s volunteer service team and dedicated himself to the community with the spirit of Lei Feng.Then, nine volunteers came to visit 95-year-old Tian Guizhen on Wugong Mountain Road.Everyone accompanied the old man to talk, to solve the boredom.Volunteers and the elderly are very close, she is also very happy, holding everyone’s hand, do not want to part.The volunteers of Xu Haibo Party member volunteer service team deeply practice the concept of “two neighbors” with practical actions, serve the residents down-to-earth, maintain community harmony and stability, and forge ahead with vigor and vitality on a new journey!