What are the characteristics of heavy W650 machining center?

2022-08-01 0 By

The heavy-duty 650 CNC machining center is our popular machining center in 2021.The processing center price is high, can be selected from the following three aspects.1. The selection of knife library can choose 16 bamboo hat knife library configuration, this configuration is suitable for some workpiece knife changing times of the product processing.The disadvantage is that the speed of the knife is slow, the advantage, of course, is the economy, you can save 1W yuan.You can also choose 24 disc knife library configuration. If the user’s workpiece is the same product and the knife needs more than 5 knives, then we suggest that it is equipped with this knife library, and the price is 1W yuan more than that of the bamboo hat knife library configuration.But it’s a lot more efficient.2. The choice of spindle speed can choose 8000 RPM belt spindle, our spindle is used BT40 150 diameter, belt spindle in the operation of the noise will be directly connected to the spindle is larger, but for the processing of iron and steel parts, the amount of cutting requirements, it is recommended to use the belt spindle oh, is the same as the knife library,The belt spindle can save 1W yuan than the direct spindle.Another is directly linked to 12000 RPM spindle, this configuration is mainly for their processing of some products with high requirements for finish, such as aluminum flying surface, recommend the use of direct spindle ah, then, the problem comes again, if you choose high-speed direct spindle is also more expensive than the belt drive mechanical spindle 1W yuan oh.3. Choose a kind of system is economic. Of course is also a practical model of Taiwan new generation of system stability, according to our ten years of experience, the system for processing the general civil product accuracy, speed and convenience of operation, is very practical, the annual sales data, is also the user to select more, after all,It is not easy to do processing, the cost of a machine can save 2W, which is to earn 2W.Another, that is, some users use Japan’s brand, such as mitsubishi, method of the division, there is no denying the fact that the two brands of system in operation and do some machining precision of the surface of the system for recognition rate and so on various aspects of program, or better than that of Taiwan new generation, in life such as the use, should also is higher than that of the new generation,It depends on the user’s evaluation of the purchase cost.Richard