Zhang Yuxi has the air of a socialite and looks beautiful in a nude tulle dress that is a little fleshy

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# life clock in winter season # # # # # star teach you how to wear today what to wear every dress collocation is has its own “CP”, in both colors, or elements, and design and style, are the combination of classical collocation, in its own so as to exhibit different skirt joker effect, also can express the better.Among the mesh material, it is often combined and matched with lace. Most mesh material will match the color of light color.In this classic collocation, there are still a lot of girls in the dress collocation is very unsatisfactory, this is because the girls only saw the overall collocation of the dress, did not find the details of the dress collocation.For tulle dress, the overall details of the collocation, is also very key, it will affect the overall dress style, Zhang Yuxi’s tulle dress collocation details, grasp very in place, for the details of many girls are still very confused, do not know how to enrich the details of the dress.This article will share with you how to handle the details of gauze skirt collocation.If the use of gauze characteristics with gauze skirt style and visual effect is actually divided into two categories, one is the palace temperament exquisite retro style, most of this style will use the expanded sense of gauze, to create the overall princess delicate sense.Most of the gauze swelling sense, will join the palace style, using some European and American retro elements, to create a luxury and gorgeous image.In fact, gauze skirt can also be matched with fairy and light style, this collocation is also the use of a characteristic of mesh yarn, the use of gauze thin and its high verticality, to shape this fairy and ethereal style.The style it shows will be more relaxed, more girl sense will be more dreamy.How to choose the color of the dress? In the color collocation of the tulle dress, light color is often used to match the tulle dress. In the choice of light color, it tends to be the nude color.Because this kind of color can highlight the girl’s line not only, still can let the girl’s line more expand, achieve certain to show fat effect on the vision thereby.How to avoid this kind shows fat effect, we can use hollow out and bud silk to undertake adornment.Zhang Yuxi has the air of a socialite and looks beautiful in a nude tulle dress that is a little fleshy.So in this case, most of the mesh will be matched or stitching lace elements, the use of lace style, to effectively weaken the shortcomings of the light color system, often girls’ body lines are not superior to several places, mostly shoulder and neck lines, waist lines and leg lines.Above these lines, we can use the skirt to cover the leg lines.Above the waist line, we can use a few stereoscopic elements, or it is the design of a few hollow out to improve effectively.For the neckline of the dress, there are not many things we can match, because the style of the neckline is a temperament that determines the overall dress. If it is not properly matched, it is easy to reverse the overall style, or even match the disaster. In this case, we often match the style of lace.For lace, we use the combination of mesh and lace to create the style of neckline.While the fairy feeling that retains integral gauze skirt, when we are tie-in bud silk, often it is to want to undertake the adornment of large area with the form that adorns.The collocation of whole gauze skirt draws the outline of lace we want to build a fairy style, also want to show the beauty and charming temperament of lace.For the lace ornament we’re going to do it on the chest, and then we’re going to do it on the waist.Between the waist and buttocks, we carried out a certain amount of overlapping splicing, so that not only can present the effect of connection, but also let people’s attention to the position of the waist, more to show the girls’ soft and beautiful line sense.In the cuff we should also carry out collocation, collocation position is respectively in the shoulder and cuff lace design, such a design will be more delicate, will also be more fairy style.The decoration of classical national style but the form of ornament can avoid this deficiency, the lace design of ornament style will be full of fresh temperament, not because of the cumbersome feeling caused by too much lace, or the twist of the style.With the style of tulle to create a dreamy and romantic visual enjoyment.The fashionable collocation of detail skirt outfit demonstrates pure and beautiful dress restoring ancient ways to go up in style superposition, our general superposition is to use two kinds of style similar to undertake superposition, it is very difficult to undertake collocation actually to the expression of contradictory style.If you want a dress inside the fusion of two different styles, then the proportion of the style must have the main and auxiliary, in the form of pure and beautiful style, we want to put the pure proportion in the main collocation.Because the beautiful and charming style is given priority to, it is easy to match a greasy temperament.Use the most direct white to create pure effect in overall dress color.Add red printing pattern to construct beautiful and charming style, the whole uses the design of wrap buttock and bubble sleeve to express the feeling of restoring ancient ways, the diversity of style of whole dress is presented perfectly on details.How can the decoration of classical national style make the dress show diversified styles? We can directly splice the printing patterns on the basic style of dress, and use the printing patterns with unique characteristics and styles to construct the impact of the dress.In this way, the layers of the dress can be instantly improved. The pattern of classical national style is selected to be splined to the obvious position of the waist neckline for construction.