Hu Xinger family yuanxiao back to rural ancestors!Husband and wife carry a shoulder, 3 children wear Tang wear jade grand

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On February 15, Hu xinger’s husband Li Chengde shared photos on his social media account of the family returning to the countryside for the Lantern Festival.Exposure of the photos, hu Xinger family of five people are all out of the mirror, they are wearing red clothes or wearing red masks, hats, dress is very festive.Li chengde wore a brown-red leather suit with jeans, looking casual but elegant.His features are regular, his stature is tall and his appearance is quite outstanding. Even when he is carrying a shoulder pole, he still looks shaped.Hu Xinger wore a rose trench coat, a black hat and sneakers.The 42-year-old mother of three sons is in such good shape that she has no noticeable body fat and long, slender legs. No wonder she has been getting a lot of gigs for the past two years.The three sons were dressed in red Chinese costume with jade necklaces and hats that read “Lee,” representing the Lee family.His youngest son, who was born last year, looks cute looking at the camera as he sits in his pram.The baby’s facial features are gradually growing, and his eyes are big and round. He is as cute as his brothers. In a few years, he will grow into a handsome man who everyone loves.This time back to the countryside, Li Chengde and Hu Xinger prepared a table of food, including roasted meat, fried heap, rice cakes, fruits, they did not bring back with bags, but put them in the pole.The couple carry the pole together, which is quite down-to-earth.According to Li, the reason why the family attaches so much importance to the Festival is that apart from offering sacrifices to ancestors, they also hold a lantern lighting ceremony for their children and introduce new members of the family to their ancestors.Many people may not know that Li Chengde was from a village in Wei. According to the local custom, there is a lantern lighting ceremony around the Lantern Festival every year. The pronunciation of “lighting a lantern” is homophone for “adding children”, which means to celebrate the birth of a son in the past year.In fact, Li Chengde had lived abroad for many years, but he never forgot his roots. He always respected traditional culture and attached great importance to all kinds of traditional festivals.On the first day of the lunar New Year, he took his wife and children back to their ancestral home in the countryside for the festival.The family did not care about their ancestral house, which was dilapidated and covered with moss due to its long disrepair. The children laughed happily.As the head of the family, Li Chengde didn’t put his hands together and do nothing when he got home. Instead, he pasted Spring Festival couplets himself, washed things by the river and did all the farm work.Have to say, he is really a rare good man, Hu Xinger married to the right person.When the eldest son saw his father working, he was very curious. He also learned to carry the shoulder pole from his father, which was quite interesting.Finally, wish Hu Xinger family in the future, continue to love each other, happy life!