I’ve been poor for 10 years, and now I have a car, a house and millions in savings, but my husband and I are divorced

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While maintaining your mental outlook and physical appearance, if you have a significant other, pay attention to their emotions and feelings.You insist on your delicate poor, also do not ignore each other, feelings will not always wait in place, it will disappear, because feelings are two people produce chemical reaction and appear, one of them is not, feelings how will continue to maintain it.Everyone has something they stick to, but not everyone ignores each other.Love is not you rich can come back, just like at the beginning, you are not because of the money to go with him, so if you really love him, please give each other a little more care.1. Love dressing up Ding Yu grew up with a special focus on their own dress, that time always wear the most beautiful in the class, then a lot of girls envy her can be a lot of new clothes to wear, because in rural schools, where students are left-behind children, basic conditions of the home also is very general, don’t have new clothes every day.So we all think ding Yu is very rich, but the people who know her know that Ding Yu’s family is not rich, but she will let grandma give money to buy new clothes every week, even if no matter how poor, also want to wear beautiful new clothes.Later, when she was in high school, she had enough money to buy new clothes and shoes. She had to eat instant noodles for a month in order to buy a brand of clothes. At that time, some people advised her: “Clothes can be bought later.”No, this dress is just out of the new style, must buy now, such as a period of time to buy, it will not be fresh.””What’s new about this dress?””Wait for a period of time to buy a lot of people to buy, everyone is wearing things why I buy!””Even if you buy it now, there are a lot of people wearing it!””That is different, I buy first, they buy later, I equivalent to leading the trend ah!””Alas!Anyway, you’d better take good care of yourself. I think it doesn’t matter when you buy this dress and it won’t expire.””You don’t understand, new clothes don’t buy right now, after that period of time, it’s like expired!””Ah!You’ve got to change that idea!””You’re supposed to keep up!””Forget it, I won’t tell you, suit yourself!”Later, when she went to college, her parents gave her more money for living expenses, so she could not eat easily, but she did not eat well. In order to be thinner, she sometimes skipped dinner and saved money. At that time, she could make up and dye her hair.She wanted to change her appearance, so she saved money to dye her hair and buy some cosmetics. She would not buy cheap cosmetics, which were all so-called big brands.In college has been a bright appearance, of course, there will be a lot of pursuers, but talked about during the first love, but because has always been each other gifts to her, she never send each other, for the simple reason is Ding Yu spent all the money on themselves, and the economy source are his parents, didn’t do a part-time job, the other is because Ding Yu don’t care,I didn’t care about myself, so I broke up.Ding Yu graduated from university, after entering the society to work, or maintain that delicate poor, because she now work to the salary of only three thousand, minus the rent, nothing left.Later changed a new job, Ding Yu entered a state-owned enterprise, and at this time met his other half, the man is Ding Yu’s boss, the name is Hu Lizhou.A person’s job is to be an executive.At that time, how did Ding Yu like Hu Lizhou? Because of ding Yu’s personality, few people would care about greeting Ding Yu. They were just good on the surface.At that time, Dingyu was excluded by a female colleague of the company, no one helped Dingyu, Dingyu did not dare to resist, finally got a high-paying job, can not be so lost, Dingyu has been suffering.That day that female colleague deliberately find fault, first say ding yu copywriting font is too small to change to 3 font, Ding Yu change good after print out, to female colleague see, female colleague say again: “this word is too big, re change another, or change back to small four!””But you asked me to change this font.””You’re a grown man, don’t you know how to read it yourself? Don’t you feel comfortable looking so big? It’s not like your mother wants me to teach you everything.The female colleague directly threw the folder together on her body, this scene was just hu Lizhou saw, directly block in front of Ding Yu: “what identity are you?Listen to you!””Hu, the new employee is not sensible, I just teach her to do things!””Teach her to do something, and you’re going to teach me to do something!””No, Mr. Hu.””How long have you been with this company?””Almost seven years.””Seven years, in my impression, it seems that you have not made any contribution to the company, and with you the same batch of promotion promotion, job-hopping, you are still in the position of the grass-roots staff, it seems that your ability has a problem!””Mr. Hu, I…”The female colleague started to defend herself and was interrupted.”And I also have problems with people. It’s normal to have competition in the workplace, but it shouldn’t be so difficult for you. I don’t know how many people have been difficult for you in recent years.Hu Lizhou fired the female colleague, Ding Yu to him sit up and take notice, heart love.3. After that incident, Ding Yu had a different view of Hu Lizhou, who was different from the other men ding Yu had met and not so vulgar.Later, the two met, got together and married.Married life, let Ding Yu feel some warmth and reality, he used to be delicate and poor, now although the salary is not high, but there is a rich husband, often send some small gifts, Ding Yu is very happy, very happy.However, Dingyu has kept the habit of delicacy and poverty, because Dingyu herself is not very rich, and she feels uneasy to use other people’s money all the time, even though he is her husband.But Hu Lizhou a little do not like ding Yu delicate poor appearance, a lot of time Hu Lizhou said: “wife, you do not have to do so, there is any need to tell me, although I am not rich, but some things can still afford!”Later, Hu Lizhou made a mistake in his work and was dismissed. For a period of time, he had no job and no source of income.But Ding Yu still lives a delicate life, her salary is not very much, basically is the moonlight clan: “wife, I have no job now, and the mortgage is not over, can you stop keeping delicate, you are already very beautiful!””We now is no money, but poor also want to keep delicate, this is my signature of personality.””You can be delicate, but also want to divide the situation, now our family only rely on your salary!””Then get out and get a job!”Hu Lizhou did not get a little care from Ding Yu, so many years also get used to, even her husband’s birthday gift will forget, only know what brand bags, what brand lipstick.Later, Ding yu was promoted to a higher position with a monthly salary of more than 10, 000 yuan. Now he has a car, a house and a deposit of one million yuan. But Hu Lizhou plans to divorce Ding Yu.”Why did you divorce me now that I have savings? We don’t have to worry about money like we did years ago!””Is you, my love for you spent, no matter how rich, we have no love!”Some people will be for some of their own external, and pay attention to the appearance of the decoration, itself is not wrong, but should not ignore the feelings of your other half, many relationships end, because the other side does not put their other half in the heart.There is nothing wrong with your delicacy, nor is there anything wrong with it, but it depends on the circumstances, not when you insist on it.Someone will think, I now have no money can only be yourself, can’t take care of each other, when the money to give you all my care and love, but what makes you think, that person will wait for you in situ, watching you from yourself more and more far, no signs of the near, he will leave, feeling is timeliness, not archive then read, should grasp at the time.