Jin Yong has 7 big “pig teammate”, only pit one’s own people, Guo Jing has 3 people on the list

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Wulin everywhere hidden disaster, must by the original river lake is almost insane, of course, is not without such masters, jin yong’s “magic sword” titles that defeat was a unbeaten run wulin more than thirty years, but in the book, so a malicious person, ordinary people to be from place to place, or need help,This is why “one hero helps three men”.However, sometimes the people you travel with are not always Wukong, but also Bajie, the so-called “pig teammates”. They can always cheat you at the critical moment, and Jin Yong has seven of them called “pig teammates”.First, Yang Lianting’s “Smiling swordsman”, the sun and moon god, the east is invincible existence, even can say in jin Yong’s scope of the book, can alone beat the east is very few people.(rox still) east don’t hurt the stage only once, but that is enough to prove his strength, blackwood cliff war with his “shaped like demon” posture of rolling the u-drive, make fox blunt, to ask for, ShangGuanYun these four people, but ren ying ying grabbed his “Ming”, what is not his own weakness, but his “pet” rox.Dongfang Buwei is also a ruthless man, even for his former friend Tong Baixiong, he also showed no mercy, but the “Lotus Brother” is his heart, he could not bear Yang Lianting suffering, so he took the initiative to give up resistance, was killed by Ren I.Of course, Yang lianting is a “great success” for the leading team, but for Dongfang Buwei, he is a typical pig teammate.As the leading role in The Eight Parts of The Dragon, Xu Zhu had many adventures in his life. For Xiao Feng and Duan Yu, he was a reliable brother. He did not cheat the two sworn brothers, but the people who accompanied Xu Zhu were not only Xiao Feng and Duan Yu, but also Tianshan Tong Mu who was grateful to him.Although tong Mu is person is very fierce, but to virtual bamboo character, she still is pretty good, in brief get along with process, tong Mu passed not only the subtle martial arts skill that a few door free and unrestrained send to virtual bamboo, still help virtual bamboo encounter oneself lifetime love, of course, virtual bamboo is forced, but he enjoys this result very much it seems that.(Virtual bamboo stills) Can virtual bamboo is how to tong Mu?In tong Mu and Li Qiushui showdown critical moment, he blocks in the middle of 2 people, the force of the north dark inside his body is launched, the internal force of 2 people is sucked up as a result, so that tong Mu and Li Qiushui both exhaustion and death.So to tong Mu character, virtual bamboo is a true pig teammate.Three, the wind qingyang mentioned duguqiu defeat is a sword appearance alone in the river’s lake, leaving the legend of the “sword devil”, and the wind Qingyang inherited duguqiu defeat dugu nine sword is indeed The Mighty Wulin, the world is difficult to meet rivals, but he belongs to the Huashan sword has any contribution?Not really.In those days Huashan jian Zong and qi Zong produce internal fight, should regard the wind qingyang of main combat effectiveness as originally failed to take part in the war however, the reason that he gives is to go jiangnan to marry, result Jian Zong is defeated, wind Qingyang himself also accordingly lonely retreat.If he had fought, who would have stopped the airbender?In the eyes of jianzong’s people, Feng Lao is really a “pig teammate”, empty of a divine power, but failed to display it.When it comes to “who is the most annoying character in Louis Cha’s pen?” Bao Is definitely on the list. If he says he’s number two, who’s number one?Why does brother Bao annoy people?Because of his mouth, he would say “No, no,” whatever anyone said, whether it was true or not, and it wouldn’t matter if he had a point, but it was mostly nonsense.(Package different still photo) Even his friend storm evil he will ridicule, Xiao Feng hit the storm evil when he has a laugh.This is only part of the book, and it is not clear how many people will be offended by such a character as Bao, but what is the most important thing for Murong Fu to revive Da Yan?Nature is to draw people, there is such a person who meets people on the naysayers, what nobles were offended by him over, how is not “pig teammate”?Of course, Bao’s devotion to Murong Fu deserves praise.Five, Guo Fu Guo Fu is really strange woman also, her mother Huang Rong is the world’s highest wisdom of the people, but Guo Fu has used their own strength to pull down the average intelligence quotient of guo home.Guo Fu is a by his mother are regarded as “grass bag” people, it can be imagined how stupid she is, and she made in the book of deceiver that is countless, such as cut off The Arm of Yang Guo, and such as poison needle shot injury xiaogongnu.Ironically, though, most of the action is driven by Guo’s pig-mate, who does provide a lot of good drama for the reader.The second of Guo Jing’s three children, Guo Xiang, is much smarter than her sister, Guo Fu, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t cheat.Guo Xiang is a typical love brain, parents both in Xiangyang defend the city, that Xiangyang war emergency is not a matter of one or two days, how she has the mood to travel around, not to find Yang Guo?As a result, the King of The Golden wheel was seized as a hostage halfway, the Song Dynasty also once fell into a passive state, if not Yang Guo’s magic brave play, Xiangyang city in the “Condor Heroes” book at the end of that xiangyang war should be broken by the Mongols.Seven, Guo break Rupp Guo Fu, Guo Xiang two elder sisters have done so many people of the move, as the third brother, Guo break rupp nature also “not to be outdone”.Although Guo Baolu’s character does not exist in the book, he almost ruined his father’s plan to rely on heaven and kill dragons.At that time, Guo Jing handed down yitian Sword and Dragon sword to Wulin in order to leave fire for later generations to attack Mongolia, so the task of defending Yitian Sword and dragon sword is far more important than “guarding the city of Xiangyang, which is bound to be broken”. Therefore, Guo Xiang went to Xichuan, perhaps to move rescue troops, perhaps to carry out other tasks, and Guo Baolu?Straight to death in battle.You said he shouldered the responsibility of keeping dragon dao, still stay in Xiangyang why?More than one of him, Xiangyang city is bound to be broken, even if Guo Jing does not understand, Huang Rong can not understand, so Guo broken Rupp is mostly emotional, his strong stay in Xiangyang, so that finally lost his life, dragon knife also therefore living in the river’s lake, also set off a lot of meaningless fighting, he is undoubtedly “pig teammates”.Throughout jin Yong’s book, these seven roles can be said to be the most hole of teammates, and Guo Jing is also unlucky, as a hero, his three children are so “not up to the mark”, if not Guo Xiang later have the lift of the emei group, the face of Guo Xia is really lost by three children.