New Year just a few days to go to school, and my brothers to watch movies and drink, is really a thousand shouldn’t

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That year, the school started early, almost a few days after the Spring Festival, the school began, the night back to school, especially embarrassing embarrassment happened.Among my classmates, I have two good brothers. They are ranked according to their ages. Dong is the eldest brother, Tao is the second and I am the third.After the report, eldest brother said to go to the youth cinema to see a movie?Of course my second brother and I agreed.Remember the film title is “Titanic”, without what reason, we are still felt, especially to see the end, the eldest brother two elder brothers are crying touch tears, think, a few big men, with what?Come out of the cinema.The second brother suggested something to eat and drink, and when we agreed, we went to the old town Story tavern.May be a long time did not get together for the sake of what family quarrels, their well-being and so on topics of much of the extreme, is really a bosom friend thousand cups little, we have been east, west, north and south in the chat to drink, until the night deep.The boss urged us several times, said to close, we reluctantly left the warm tavern.The pub was still three kilometres from the school, and by then there were no people in the street, much less cars.The three of us had to walk 121 to the dormitory.Stagger, only dim lights shining ~ we hobbled, we figure is double, and around what is tilted, we walk the one step, two steps back and holding each other, we all the way top line, said none of the story, singing is not a hexagon, you my sentence, there is a not a word.All the way back to school, the brothers were full of drunken talk.I don’t know how long we have been walking. In the blur, it seems that we are going to school. The second brother, who is slightly sober, said, let’s go to the creative house we rented tonight.He could get into the house without worrying about anything, but he lay on the bed one after another. There was not enough bed, but he had to lay on the sofa.In the dead of winter!We were too drunk to make a fire that day, so we slept all night in the cold room.It was noon the next day, and we woke up one by one.The eldest brother sneezed and said he had to go to the toilet. How could he not find his shoes?We also helped to search the house and the house. We looked everywhere but could not find it.Ha ha!The big brother’s shoes were lost.Look at the rest of us, don’t see don’t know, a look startled.The eldest brother lost his shoes, but the second brother also lost a jacket pocket, which must have been torn into this shape, and in another pocket there were two small wine glasses and some melon seeds.Look at my pants, I do not know who vomited my big body, especially two pant legs dirty, really, I abandon myself.Lesson!We’re in a mess!It’s all about happiness begetting sorrow, isn’t it?Think!This old man, although just out of home, also just arrived at school, to see us now like this.Really!We’re homesick again!