Original god: in version 2.5 UP Pool, yaeyama and Coral Palace are washed one after another

2022-08-02 0 By

Hi everyone, I am the helpless and miserable author who has to open the fan list and worship three times every day “OV Small wind blowing”.This time, the character UP Pool of version 2.5 seems to have suddenly exploded the players’ pent-up “resentment”. First, the strength and use experience of Yaeyama were spewed out at the hip, and then the heart sea of Coral Palace, which is about to be re-created, has also been washed out in the last two days. If there were not a re-creation of Thor, I don’t know what kind of players would scold CH?Players who come so big “resentment”?Of seeking truth from facts, ‘said the 2.5 version of the content and the UP pool content is not bad, just ch do some little tricks that players quite discontent, lead to a lot less important small problems are all on, plus has long been a player on the original god ch resentment, suddenly had such a breach, the outbreak of a wave of “a rinse ch” is predictable.Who made the mastermind “pull on the player’s wife who’s been waiting for six months?”The whole rice wife to so many appearances, paving the way for so long, put everyone’s expectations so high, the result is a “airborne 5 stars” level?And is a “after-sales unknown” role!Who let the plot “in order to make more money”, the coral Palace heart sea has been broken, strength depends on the environment, and the strong period will soon end the character again?The yaeyama caused the general ridicule of players, and then involved everyone’s long-standing dissatisfaction with xinhai, and extended to everyone’s long-suppressed resentment of CH.So it’s not just the UP pool characters that are being flushed, it’s the 2.5 version that’s getting picked on!If it weren’t for the fact that there was a “Thor Reprise” in the second half of version 2.5, and if there were a 5 star reprise from another pull-span point, the entire 2.5 run would have lasted 42 days and the entire community would have been “in undivided rage”!Is the original God’s CH “solving problems” or “creating problems”?Almost all game players are teasing planning, but who let the original god so popular, so many players?And the charge point is this kind of “draw card kwon gold”, CH naturally has to bear the “firepower” from the player!And from the actual situation of the original god, the game itself is indeed a “semi-finished” state on the line of public testing, so naturally have “a lot of problems”.Since it is a “semi-finished product”, it comes with problems, many problems are also known by ch themselves, and we can see that they are solving problems.But in the process of “perfecting the product,” a new problem arises.Post-beta content is not tested as many times and for as long as it was in private beta, and it “creates new problems” when it enters the game!In my opinion, the state of yuanshen’s game and planning should be that “the speed of new problems is faster than ch’s speed of solving old problems” ~ and the negative impact of various problems on players’ game experience is the origin of “resentment” for a long time.Is also every time the original god slightly some serious problems, will cause a wave of “resentment outbreak”, a lot of usually seem not to be a problem, will be seized by everyone ridicule.Last but not least, the problem with this game has never been about “changing the designers”, although when we make fun of it, the designers have to criticize them as well.The real problem with the original god is that it is a “stitched success game” rather than a “stitched success game”, and the gaps in the stitching are so clearly there that the player is not blind, even if he is later aware of them, but also sees them.Unless one of the original project leaders actually came up with a “genius idea” that could be implemented into the game and actually cover up the seams.Otherwise can only let the schemers be honest ridicule!Finally the final kneel beg everybody big guy “long press point praise, one key three even”, also can click “author’s head picture” add a concern.I am OV small wind blowing, thank you for watching.For more exciting content, come to the OV small wind blowing