Pooling the strength of local elites to inject new vitality into rural vitalization

2022-08-02 0 By

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the first “Xiangxian Road” in Liangxing Village, Liuze Town, Shaodong City was completed and opened to traffic.Liu Haiguo donated 2.5 million yuan nongjiale is also stepping up construction, the benefits of the village collective income.(Hunan Daily, February 14) At present, China’s rapid urbanization, a large number of young and middle-aged rural migrant workers, the loss of rural elites to a certain extent caused the rural development lags.In the final analysis, the development of local economy depends on the role of people. Villagers like Liu haiguo help fill the gap of rural human resources and become the power source of rural development.In order to play the role of bridge, think tank and example of township elites, and inject vitality into rural revitalization, Shaodong city gathers the strength of township elites to help rural revitalization through platform building, policy support, project attraction, and township sentiment appeal.The return of township sages is helpful to solve the core problem of rural areas — the loss of rural elites.The development of economy is the main goal of the work of the township scoundrely. make the township scoundrelly feed the target, grasp, have power.We will give full play to the resources and connections of local elites, bring advanced development ideas and excellent projects back to our hometown, and contribute to the development of the village.The return of township sages in talents, capital, information, technology and other aspects directly drives rural economic development, promotes rural prosperity, improves farmers’ living conditions, and is welcomed by the majority of villagers.They not only bring back capital, information, technology and management experience, but also set up enterprises and develop rural tourism, leading farmers to common prosperity, increasing their stable income and improving their quality of life.Since most of the returning entrepreneurs are engaged in non-agricultural industry, agricultural industrialization management or development agricultural production, changing the pattern of traditional agricultural production, it brings economic benefits to farmers is incomparable to traditional agricultural production.Leaders play a key role in rural revitalization.Migrant workers from rural areas to cities struggle in big cities all the year round, and their comprehensive quality and ability have been improved in the process of working. Some migrant workers have accumulated certain capital, technology and human resources, and some understand the market economy and have broad ideas.They can play a leading role in entrepreneurship when they return to their hometowns. Therefore, we should encourage and absorb more local talents to return to their hometowns and stimulate their creative potential.