Resumption of work and production, the provincial security commission to do so

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The Spring Festival holiday has ended, and production and operation units will resume production one after another.On February 7, the provincial security commission office issued a reminder to remind everyone that in the process of resuming work and production, we should pay attention to eliminating safety risks and take safety precautions.On February 7, the provincial emergency management Department jointly with the Hunan Bureau of the State Administration of Mine Safety set strict standards for the resumption of production of coal mines in the province, to achieve the “five must report twice”.1. Organize and carry out risk identification in 2022, formulate safety risk identification and assessment report and “One risk and one Policy” manual, and implement major risk control measures;2, must be matched with strong “five occupation mine chief” “five occupation technician”;3. Ensure that the security monitoring and personnel position detection system runs normally and the data is true and reliable;4. The construction of the mine must be complete, and the construction and supervision units shall meet the requirements;5, before the resumption of work and production of coal mines must be done “five ones”, that is, to formulate a resumption of work and production plan, organize and carry out a full training, a full coverage of the investigation, hold a risk control analysis meeting, hold a full commitment to safety production oath.The two reports are as follows: 1. The resumption of work and production of all coal mines must be reported to the local coal mine supervision department, and the annual monthly and daily mining operation plan of the special care period shall be submitted;2. For the coal mines that have been stopped for more than 1 month and have been ordered to stop and stop for rectification, they shall be signed by the main person in charge of the municipal coal mine supervision department and reported to the Provincial Emergency Management Department for the record after the inspection and acceptance of the municipal and county joint dissecting law enforcement inspection.Non-coal mining areas should strictly implement the “Five One” requirements for resuming work and production.1. Formulate a plan for the resumption of work and production, which shall be signed and approved by the principal responsible person of the enterprise;Inspection and maintenance operations should also be carefully formulated, the implementation of safety measures and responsible persons.2. Sign a safety production responsibility letter.Through the convening of safety production mobilization conference, layer upon layer signed safety production responsibility, the strict implementation of the mine leader with a shift off the well system.3, organize a safety production training.Carry out safety education and training for all employees, and pre-job training will be carried out for key groups such as newly recruited and transferred employees after the holiday, high-risk posts and on-site operation personnel.4. Carry out a pre-production safety inspection.In open-pit mines, the safety conditions of anti-freeze and anti-slip, transportation roads, stope slopes, dump sites, oil depots, facilities and equipment shall be inspected;Underground mines focus on the inspection of ventilation, transportation, water prevention and control, roof, fire and explosive management and other key links;Tailings pond enterprises focus on checking flood discharge, seepage discharge, settlement, displacement monitoring system, dam body, reservoir water level, dry beach length and other key links.5. Conduct a security investigation.Keep an eye on the “three violations”, find problems and rectify them in time to ensure safety.Dangerous chemical enterprises do not cast time limit, overload operation of dangerous chemicals to begin after accepting heart “, “education and training, to check item by item and production to return to work conditions, it is forbidden to drive time limit for a project, the overload operation, to focus on hazardous chemical storage tank area and production facilities safety checks and hidden dangers rectification, it is strictly prohibited to run in spite of equipment and facilities.We will strictly implement the responsibility system for the safety of major hazard sources, and carry out in-depth investigations and inspections of potential risks of major hazard sources to ensure that security risks are under control.We should strictly manage the safety of operations and strengthen the safety management of loading and unloading vehicles of hazardous chemicals.Prevent dangerous chemicals storage tanks, pipelines, valves and other equipment and facilities from freezing crack or blocked flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances leakage.The production and marketing enterprises of highly toxic chemicals and easily explosionable hazardous chemicals shall strictly implement the sales record system of hazardous chemicals and truthfully record the management situation of highly toxic chemicals and easily explosionable hazardous chemicals according to regulations.Schools, hospitals, scientific research institutes and other units that use hazardous chemicals shall carry out safety inspections on the sites where hazardous chemicals are stored and used, and ensure good ventilation and normal use of various safety facilities and fire control equipment.The emergency management departments at the city and county levels shall fully master the total number of enterprises within their jurisdiction to resume production and work, and remind the enterprises to take precautions against the resumption of production and work safety.We will strengthen spot checks and inspections, and seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations.Fireworks production enterprises should strictly guard against “nine circumstances” when they resume work and production. No production shall be resumed under any of the following circumstances.1. The Safety Production License expires.2, the operation site and the approved design drawings are not consistent, unauthorized private construction (warehouse) room.3, there are subcontracting production line, factory (warehouse) house and other forms of lease, transfer “Safety Production License”, multiple shareholders independent organization of production, etc.4. Failing to set up production safety management organs and assign full-time production safety management personnel as required, or failing to pass the examination of special operation personnel by administrative departments.5. Fail to organize and hold production safety meetings or conduct pre-job safety education and training for employees as required before resuming production.6. Failing to purchase work-related injury insurance or safety liability insurance for employees.7. Failing to maintain, maintain and establish relevant standing books for drug-related machinery and safety facilities and equipment.8. Waste drugs are not handled in place.9. There are other major security risks.The industry and trade should strengthen the investigation of hidden safety hazards. The industry and trade should carry out “three-level safety education” for job changes and new employees. Only after passing the examination can they work according to the provisions.We should strengthen response to rain, snow and freezing weather and prevent leakage of pipes and valves.To carry out equipment and facilities safety inspection and confirmation, one by one investigation, found problems in a timely manner.Enterprises that use hazardous chemicals shall strictly prevent safety risks in the process of use and strengthen equipment insulation management and building ventilation management.Non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises should strengthen the safety management of gas and metal smelting, strictly prevent gas leakage, and do not produce with super capacity.Machinery industry enterprises, to strengthen electrical maintenance, strengthen the management of lifting machinery, do a good job before the safety education and training.Light industry enterprises should pay special attention to limited space operations.Building materials enterprises should identify dangerous and harmful factors comprehensively before resuming work and production, and take targeted measures.Textile enterprises should strengthen dust management to prevent dust accumulation and ignition sources.Commercial and trade enterprises shall strengthen post-holiday safety inspection, and shall not close safety exits or start fires in fire-forbidden areas.[Editor: Xiao Xiufen][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]