Self-discipline!Cristiano Ronaldo walked topless into the -160 degree cold storage sauna, Benzema: So cold!

2022-08-02 0 By

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, known for his self-discipline in keeping fit, posted a picture of him taking an ice sauna at home on social media, prompting a surprise from former Real Madrid team-mate Karim Benzema.Ronaldo began experimenting with hypothermia in 2013, when he built an ice sauna in his home. It allows him to perform hypothermia at his own time, helping to cool his muscles and reduce muscle damage after strenuous training and matches.Today, Cristiano Ronaldo took to social media to show how he did it. The president, wearing a mask, headband and gloves, gave a thumbs-up.Cristiano Ronaldo posted a video on his social media account today.He opened the first door, walked into the first small room and gave the thumbs up sign, which should have been a gradual cooling of the temperature.Ronaldo then opened a second door.Walk into the small room and give the thumbs-up again.This is the last small room, Ronaldo opened the door again.Despite the coldest temperatures, Ronaldo smiled and waved goodbye. “See you later!”The room was filled with air conditioning as Ronaldo closed the door and began his recovery in an ice sauna.It is worth mentioning that the extreme temperature of “ice sauna” is as low as minus 160℃ to minus 200℃.Remember, the most extreme temperature measured at the South Pole is no less than minus 100 degrees Celsius.Cristiano Ronaldo can stay shirtless in the cold for two or three minutes.Ronaldo wrote on social media: Recovery!Former Real Team-mate Karim Benzema wrote in the comments section: “So cold and cold!”(Buen Friooo he),” netizens said, “One door after another.My home ice sauna every day “” so Ronaldo this physical quality is really not ordinary people can practice out!”After lunch, Manchester United staff suddenly remembered that they had left Cristiano Ronaldo in the fridge.”This cold storehouse fire prevention material clearance?” “I don’t believe old cold legs, later don’t wear long Johns!””This is a hot shower and then an ice sauna?Isn’t that easy to catch a cold?””The only thing missing from our house is a sauna.” “Benzema: hot and fast with a fire pot.” “Cristiano Ronaldo: I’ll tell you a joke…Benzema (listening) : It’s cold. “” You must follow someone in there!Just in case the door won’t open, “Gallop horse: quickly pick up the lid of the pot and slip away.” “Can I dare to think, Stupid horse is going to Manchester United to play with Luo, while carrying the pot.”