Shox: My goal is to break the age limit for CS players

2022-08-02 0 By

Source: author: PaD link: Liquid player Shox talked about his recent adjustment to the Team, saying he’s working on improving his English and trying to prove that his career as a professional shooter shouldn’t end at 30.As for switching to Team Liquid, I knew it was going to be a big challenge and when I first met these guys and started talking to them, I already knew it wasn’t going to be easy.But I felt I was doing well, and after a week of training we were both making progress, and I understood more than 95 percent of what they were saying, and they understood me.I think language is one of the most difficult things, but fortunately my English is improving every day.But in a game, I still find it a little difficult if a lot of people are talking to me at the same time.Now I’m trying to improve my speed, and if I speak slowly, I’m sure it’s ok, but sometimes time doesn’t wait in CS.Sometimes there are people in the middle and you have to shake them off, and it takes 20-30 seconds for us to think and talk about what to do.So I’m trying to reduce the amount of time I have to explain, so that when I need to make a decision or express an idea, IT’s quicker for my teammates to understand what I’m trying to say and help me in time.Personal goals I have a lot of goals, that’s why I’m still fighting.The most important thing for me right now is to break down stereotypes about the age of CS players.Teams, media, players, whoever, assume that 30 is probably the end of your career — BUT I don’t think so.I think at any age, if you’re still fighting, you’re still winning for your team, and you’re still working on the game, why not move on?That’s my biggest personal goal, not just for me, but for all the players who look up to me.If I can prove that I can continue to play after 30, of course I will be very proud of them and I will certainly encourage them.It’s a wonderful thing for me to set an example for others and I’m determined to do that.Like I said, if you have everything you need to continue playing, you can still play in CS, and I think you can continue to play in CS until you’re at least 35.Shox joined Team Liquid in December 2021 and has played only one match with the Team so far, in the BLAST Premier Spring group stage, where they lost 0-2 to NAVI.Note: the above pictures are from the small black box, if there is infringement contact delete.