Temper of life, but lucky and their affinity together, happy life

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When it comes to Yuen Wing Yee, everyone is attracted by her forbearing temperament. However, Yuen Wing Yee is not well evaluated in Hong Kong. She likes to say everything and does not hold it in her mouth.The entertainment industry is the most taboo is this kind of person, because Yuan Wing yi is careless, she offended a lot of people, especially Yuan Wing Yi’s good friend Wu Zhenyu, often in front of reporters against her, think Yuan Wing Yi is very angry, not to get along with.But this is just lip service, in fact, they are also very good friends in private, after all, Wu Zhenyu this person’s aura is also very strong, some ordinary young actors will be afraid of him.However, it is the married life of Yuen and Zhang Zhilin that arouses the envy of Internet users most.Their beautiful love story had not been shown on the screen until the love model of Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Wing Yi in the variety show “My Wife’s Romantic Journey” topped weibo, and the couple was often talked about.But it’s mostly positive because they’re funny and not pretentious.And Zhang Zhilin mouth although mocking Yuan Yongyi, but the actual action is very love her.This kind of love gets along with the pattern, can let the public accept more, and is closer to our ordinary people’s love pattern.And Yuan Wing yi’s violent temper, also let people know her character, not shy temper, harvest a large number of fans.Despite this, although she offended a lot of people, but she has zhang Zhilin such a love her husband, in fact, also let a lot of people envy.Everyone envied Zhang Zhilin, in fact, did not expect many people envy Yuen Wing Yi.Many of us may not believe the love story in the entertainment industry, as more and more people in the industry are getting divorced.But you are in yuan Wing yi and Zhang Zhilin love story, you will find, in fact, love can also be very simple, do not need to have too much spectacular.Holding hands can also slowly walk to a lifetime, quarreling with each other can also slowly make up.But at first, their marriage was not universally welcomed.After all, Yuan Wing yi’s strength is far greater than young Zhang Zhilin, yuan Wing Yi at the beginning, with Hong Kong sister champion and be known by all TV friends.In the TV series, she also performed very well, perhaps born with talent for acting, quickly won the best actress.But the Zhang Zhilin at this time, or a small actor not known, after love, two people feel particularly suitable, Yuan Yongyi decided to get married.The wedding was considered very hasty by others. The man did not propose or have a wedding, but they were still happy.